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Chicago Personal Injury Protection Car Accident Lawyer

Chicago Personal Injury Protection Car Accident Lawyer

Being in a car accident can leave you injured and in pain. You may be entitled to insurance coverage for your losses. Personal injury protection (PIP) insurance may be the specific form of insurance that covers your accident-related damages. This insurance may compensate you for injury-related losses after an accident and could be of great relief if your out-of-pocket costs are significant.

Securing personal injury protection compensation may not be simple. You may experience pushback from insurance companies, attorneys, and other parties. A Chicago personal injury protection car accident lawyer can handle your claim and take any other action that is necessary, possibly including a lawsuit.

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Mandatory Insurance in Illinois

According to the Illinois Department of Insurance, the state of Illinois requires all motorists to carry certain types of auto insurance. They are as follows:

Bodily Injury (BI) Insurance

Bodily injury insurance coverage is required and pays for the cost of injury to other motorists if you cause an accident. It is one of two forms of liability insurance required by the state of Illinois, along with property damage (PD) insurance.

Property Damage (PD) Insurance

While bodily injury insurance generally covers losses related to injuries that you cause to others, property damage insurance will (at least partially) cover the cost of damage to a vehicle and other personal property caused by an accident.

The Illinois Secretary of State explains that no other types of coverage are legally required of drivers in the state. Some forms of auto insurance that you may elect to add to your policy, however, include:

  • Comprehensive insurance
  • Collision insurance
  • Uninsured motorist insurance
  • Underinsured motorist coverage

If you choose to have comprehensive coverage, then you may have personal injury protection (PIP) insurance or equivalent coverage.

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PIP Coverage May Compensate You for Medical Costs

If you have personal injury protection within your insurance policy, then you may be entitled to coverage for your injury-related expenses after an accident.

Two specific types of coverage that PIP insurance may provide are:

  • Coverage for medical costs related to your accident
  • Coverage for lost wages caused by injuries sustained in your accident

This insurance may be particularly beneficial if you are at fault for your collision. In this case, liability insurance for the other party does not generally apply to your losses, as the other driver would not be liable for the accident. Your own liability coverage would go towards paying for the other party’s injuries and property damage. However, without personal injury protection, your own losses may not be covered.

If you do have PIP coverage, your losses should be covered. However, you could run into issues when seeking the coverage that you deserve.

A Chicago personal injury protection car accident lawyer will file your claim, ensure that you take other steps required to be eligible for compensation, and complete the claims process. They will negotiate with insurance companies to secure the compensation that you deserve.

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Considerations Related to a PIP Claim

One form of assistance that a lawyer may provide to you is to let you know of relevant deadlines. When you are injured in an accident, seeking medical attention and reporting injuries may be critically important and may be governed by a deadline.

It is possible that if you do not report your injuries within a certain amount of days from your accident, then you may not be eligible for compensation through PIP insurance. With this in mind, a lawyer can:

  • Inform you of whether you are currently eligible for PIP protection
  • Obtain records that document your medical care and injuries
  • Help you file any other documents or reports required to be eligible for PIP coverage

Once you have covered your bases in terms of medical care, your lawyer may begin to address your insurance coverage. They will review your auto insurance policy and determine, in their opinion, whether you are entitled to insurance coverage for your accident-related losses.

Should you be eligible for compensation, your lawyer will work to complete your claim.

Your Lawyer Will Deal with the Insurance Companies

Auto insurers may be very experienced in handling accident claims, and PIP claims specifically. As is dictated by their business model, your insurer may be eager to pay you as little as possible for your losses. The insurance company may prefer to pay out as little in claims as possible as a matter of practice.

Yahoo! Finance explains that auto insurance companies may have deep pockets thanks to substantial annual revenues. Their resources may allow them to:

  • Stall as a means of getting you to accept a less-than-fair settlement
  • Use lawyers to contest your claim
  • Engage in other tactics meant to undermine your claim

Your lawyer will respond to these tactics and may have prior experience with insurance companies’ attempts to avoid paying claims fairly. Your representative will ensure that you are not bullied in any way. They can protect you from taking any actions that might compromise your claim.

If any action becomes necessary outside of insurance-related procedures, your lawyer will take such action. This could include bringing a lawsuit. Every personal injury protection claim is different. Your lawyer will keep you updated about your claim’s progress as they seek compensation for you or a loved one.

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