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Last year was one of the worst years for recalls for the automobile industry. According to the New York Times, more than 60 million cars were recalled last year, a new record. One of the most notable recalls was General Motors’ faulty ignition switch, which affected more than 2.6 million vehicles.

Car accidents can result from unaddressed recall issues, so it is important to respond to recalls and take care of them in a timely manner. If you suffer a car accident due to a car recall, the auto accident attorneys at Kryder Law can help you.

Types of Vehicle Defects

In Illinois last year, vehicle recall issues were among Illinois consumers’ top five complaints. Some of the most common issues that can lead to a vehicle recall include:

  • Faulty steering parts: Problems with the steering wheel or other steering components can result in losing control of your vehicle.
  • Fuel System Issues: Defects in the gas tank or fuel system can result in leaks or even explosions during a collision.
  • Accelerators: Sticky or broken accelerators can make driving very dangerous. Sudden, unintended acceleration resulted in a major recall by Toyota a few years ago.
  • Tire shredding: When traveling at high speeds, problems with tires can create dangerous situations on the freeway.
  • Defective airbags: Airbags that don’t release on impact or release incorrectly can result in bodily injury to passengers.

The National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration (NHTSA)

keeps track of all current recalls. Since motor vehicle accidents are a leading cause of fatalities and injuries in the United States, it’s essential that the automobile industry does its best to issue timely recalls to ensure the public’s safety.

If you or a loved one is injured in a car accident that may have resulted from a recall issue, don’t hesitate to contact Kryder Law’s personal injury attorneys. We can help you decide if litigation is a good option for you.

Buying a new car means that you get the latest technology. While you want it to be perfect, some cars have defects in their designs that don’t appear until years after you buy your car. When the manufacturer finds out that there is a problem with the design, it will recall a particular vehicle to have it repaired.

Recalls are easy to deal with since the repair is covered by the manufacturer. All you have to do is take the paperwork to a qualified mechanic to have the work done. It is very important that you have recalls addressed in a timely manner since recalls are always issued for problems that can be dangerous if something goes wrong with your vehicle. It may be stressful to know that your car has been recalled, but it doesn’t have to be if you know what to do. Here is how to find out if your vehicle is recalled:

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Know Your VIN Number and Model Information

Before you begin your search, you need to find the VIN number and model information for your car. The model information (i.e. the make, year, model, and trim level) makes the search much easier. You can search in more general terms to see if your car should be involved in a recall. However, you will need the VIN number to verify that your specific vehicle has been recalled. The VIN number is a unique ID number that you can use to identify your car in the batch of affected vehicles.

Check the NHTSA Recall Database

The National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) keeps a record of all auto manufacturer recalls that you can go to check for recalls. You can go to its website and search through the database to find any recalls that apply to your vehicle. It is one of the most comprehensive databases of recalls available, so it is a good place to start your search.

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Call Your Dealership

Another way to find out if your car has been recalled is to call the dealership that you bought it from. Dealers are notified when recalls are made public, and they keep track of them to be able to help customers get the recalls fixed. The dealership will also have the records of what you bought and can find recalls on that vehicle for you. Many dealerships notify customers when vehicles are recalled.

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A Letter from the Automotive Manufacturer

Manufacturers also notify customers directly about recalls. If you get a letter from the manufacturer of your car in the mail, then make sure you read it. Most of the time, it will be a recall notice. You will need that paperwork when you go to the dealer or a mechanic to get the recall done. Although you can’t verify it on your own this way, this is the most reliable way to know that you have a recall on your car.

What to Do if Your Vehicle is Recalled

If your vehicle is recalled, then there are several steps that you should take. Start by verifying that your vehicle was recalled and getting a copy of the paperwork. Then, schedule an appointment at the dealer for service. You want to do this as soon as possible since cars are only recalled for defects that affect how it runs and that could be dangerous. Make sure you take the paperwork with you since the dealer should need it to set up the recall repair. The repair shouldn’t cost anything since it is covered by the manufacturer.

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