Client Gift to the Kryder Law Group, LLC, Becomes Donation for St. Jude Children’s Hospital

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Kryder Law Group, LLC, founder Andrew S. Kryder has seen a lot in his 20-plus years as a personal injury attorney in Chicago. But one recent client took his breath away. Anne, a Chicago resident, was involved in an early-morning multi-car accident on Lake Shore Drive. Like so many accident victims, she turned to Mr. Kryder for help. After her settlement, Anne did something our founder has only seen a time or two before: she showed up with a gift beyond our firm’s payment. 

“I’ve only had that happen a time or two in my 20 years of practice,’’ he said.

Of course, he could not and would not accept this gift.  The two put their heads together and turned the $500 into a donation for St. Jude Children’s Hospital, an organization close to Mr. Kryder’s heart. St. Jude’s mission of research and treating children with cancer and other life-threatening diseases with no cost to family members is a pure form of charity, he said. 

Anne said there was a reason she insisted on this gift. “Mr. Kryder has a heart, a genuine heart, and he cares. And that touched my heart.”

Early one spring morning in 2017, Anne was driving her car and was hit from behind. “It happened so happened so suddenly that I didn’t realize that I was involved in an accident until someone came to the car to see if I was OK.’’

The accident was complicated because multiple vehicles were involved. One car rear-ended another which then rammed into Anne’s car. She had the good driver’s instinct to crash into a wall instead of another car. All that led to personal injuries and vehicle damage. 

Her long-term auto insurance company recommended she find a personal injury attorney. As is the case with most people who are injured in an accident, Anne had never hired a personal injury attorney.  She was frightened and a little skeptical as to what came next. 

But the horrible accident turned into a life-affirming experience for her. 

“Mr. Kryder was so kind. He was so concerned. I was just taken by him. I never had to hire an attorney. I was so amazed that he was so caring. It was as if he was getting a settlement for his own family,’’ Anne said. 

After Mr. Kryder got over the shock of Anne’s gift, he asked her to choose a charity to which to donate. But Anne insisted that choice was his. 

“I gave him the choice; he had the option to choose. As far as I was concerned, that gift was still his,’’ she said. 

Beyond immediate medical attention, sometimes what a person who’s been injured in a car accident needs is a compassionate professional who will listen closely to the case. That’s what we do at the Kryder Law Group, LLC. Give us a call at 312-223-1700.  Our only goal is to protect you and get you the compensation you deserve. 

When we asked Anne for advice to anyone who’s been injured in an auto accident, she responded, “I wouldn’t begin to speak to anyone other than Andrew Kryder.”

Client Gift to the Kryder Law Group, LLC, Becomes Donation for St. Jude Children’s Hospital
Client Gift to the Kryder Law Group, LLC, Becomes Donation for St. Jude Children’s Hospital

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