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While there’ s many things to love about living in Chicago, the traffic isn’t one of them. Although many people associate accidents with highway driving, many accidents occur on the city’s busy streets. The car accident attorneys at Kryder Law are familiar with the many hazards drivers face when navigating Chicago’s neighborhoods.

Kryder Law

’s personal injury attorneys suggest drivers watch out for the following situations when driving in Chicago:

  • Unseasoned drivers: In 2012, Chicago had 46 million tourists visited the city. This means many of the drivers on the road aren’t familiar with the area, so it’s especially important to be alert to drivers making quick stops or unexpected changes in direction.
  • Distracted drivers: In addition to passengers, cell phones, radio, and trying to follow along to one’s GPS, drivers in Chicago can also be distracted by its beautiful architecture and other tourist destinations. Be especially vigilant around tourist hot spots in the city.
  • Pedestrians: Just like drivers, pedestrians can be distracted, impatient, or unpredictable. Be attentive at intersections and watch out for jaywalkers.
  • Special event traffic: From the Chicago marathon to a concert at Millenium park, Chicago always has something interesting happening. Be especially careful when driving to and from special events and, when possible, plan your route to avoid special event traffic.
  • Parking: Finding a parking spot in Chicago can sometimes feel as likely as the Cubs winning the world series. Be careful when looking for a spot and watch out for other drivers searching for parking.
  • Alleys and parking garages: Many of Chicago’s streets are narrow and vehicles may enter the flow of traffic from unexpected places. Be careful when exiting parking garages and using alleys.

Accidents can happen to even the most alert drivers. While urban driving accidents don’t occur at high speeds, they can result in property damage and personal injury. If you experience an accident, contact Kryder Law for a free case evaluation to find out if you can be compensated for your losses.

Tips for Staying Safe While Driving in Chicago

Traffic in the roadways in Chicago can be dangerous if you travel under the wrong conditions. Still, many people travel through Chicago every day without a problem. If you are concerned about the traffic and problems on the roadway, then you need to do what you can to minimize the danger. Here are several tips for staying safe while driving in Chicago.

Avoid Driving During Rush Hour

One of the easiest ways to reduce your risk while driving in Chicago is to avoid driving during rush hour. Rush hour traffic is heavily congested, and most people are in a rush to try to get out of traffic. This creates dangerous conditions because roadways are completely full and packed with aggressive drivers. The more you can avoid rush-hour, the less congestion you will have to deal with. That means that you will be able to get where you were going at a reasonable pace and have fewer cars on the road to worry about. The stress of driving will also be significantly reduced.

Be Familiar with Where You’re Driving

Another way to avoid problems is to know where you’re going. If you are familiar with the road that you were planning on traveling on, you will have a general idea of what hazards are already there. Knowing the roadway also helps you dive more confidently and be less likely to make a mistake. Navigating in and around areas that you were familiar with also lets you take detours and other shortcuts to avoid many of the problems on the roadway.

Consider Public Transportation

Minimizing the number of people on the road can help relieve traffic safety concerns. If you can take public transportation, then consider it. You won’t have to drive in dangerous conditions, worry about parking, and lower your travel costs. Public transportation has become a bigger part of major cities all around the country over the last couple of decades. It is very likely that you can get anywhere that you want to use public transportation.

Depending on where you live, transportation to and from work should be relatively affordable. Buses cover much of the city I can get you within walking distance of where you to go. As the number of drivers on the road increases and traffic problems become more severe, taking other forms of public transportation becomes a more efficient option. Trains and subways offer unobstructed transportation from one point to another since there are no cars in the way. It may be time faster to take an alternative means of public transportation then to sit in traffic if you try to drive yourself.

Know Chicago Driving Laws

Knowing the driving laws in Chicago will make driving much easier for you. Traffic congestion can be caused by drivers who hesitated to perform basic driving maneuvers, such as making a right turn at a light, when they are within their rights to do so. By not knowing the law, you could be the cause of considerable slowdowns and potential accidents.

Learning the driving laws for Chicago is easy. There are many resources both online and in-person that you can use. You can even take driving classes to help you be a better driver. If you are planning on driving, then it is in your best interest to understand what the law says about driving in Chicago so that you can avoid social problems and accidents. If you are not sure about driving laws, then consult an auto accident attorney. An auto accident attorney can help you find the resources that you need to learn about the law, as well as help you deal with any legal problems that you have on the road.

Dangers of Urban Driving
Dangers of Urban Driving

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