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We’ve all seen it. A car up ahead is slowly moving out of its lane, weaving back, and then drifting out again. It’s always possible that the driver is falling asleep at the wheel, but these days, odds are good that the driver is texting while driving. And while texting and driving has been illegal in Illinois since 2010, that hasn’t stopped distracting drivers from causing a staggering 3,166 deaths in 2017. While the Illinois government is working to crack down on this public health crisis, that doesn’t mean that the danger of getting in a distracting driving accident isn’t very real to you and your loved ones.

Texting while Driving Carries a Steep Penalty

Distracted driving has become such an epidemic that as of July 1st of this year, in Illinois, getting caught texting and driving will no longer get you a warning ticket on your first offence. It now results in a moving violation, and if you rack up three of these in a year will result in a suspended license. Drivers will also be fined a maximum of $75 on the first offense, $100 on the second offense, $125 on the third offense, and $150 for all subsequent offenses. These measures have become necessary and over 15,000 drivers were ticketed last year for texting and driving according to an Illinois state police spokesperson. These shocking statistics mean that while the police might be writing plenty of tickets, the need for a proven personal injury attorney on your side is greater than ever. At Kryder Law Group, we focus on cases of motorist or pedestrian injury as a result of distracted driving and we’re standing by to help.

What to Do If You Are in a Distracted Driving Accident

Avoid a Distracted Driving Accident in Illinois

When you’re behind the wheel, it’s important to keep yourself and others safe by only using hands-free options when using your phone. Whether you use an earpiece or your vehicle’s bluetooth speakers, make sure both hands are on the wheel and your eyes are on the road. Unfortunately, even the most attentive drivers can get blindsided by a distracted driver, so make sure that our office’s number is programmed in your phone. In the event of an accident, every second counts, so get in touch immediately after contacting 9-1-1. If you or a loved one are hurt by a distracted driver, we’ll make sure that justice is served. Our consultations are always free, so don’t hesitate to contact us at (312)598-0739 if you or your loved ones are in an accident.

Eating While Driving

Eating is one of the leading driving distractions. While it can be tempting to eat while driving, especially if you have a busy schedule, but also significantly raises your chances of being. Even if you’re keeping your eyes on the road, it can still be mentally taxing to multitask. Not only will it decrease your reaction time and ability to avoid an accident, but it will also present a choking hazard. If you are busy and you eat in the car often, the best way to do it is to pull over. That way, you can still eat on the go without taking unnecessary risks.

Using a Handheld Mobile Device

Handheld mobile devices can be very distracting while driving. Whether you’re receiving text messages are making phone calls, your mobile device will pull your attention away from driving repeatedly. In many states, using a mobile device while driving is illegal. However, you can easily work around this by using connective technologies built into your car to use your mobile device and a hands-free way. Most cars from the last decade include systems like Bluetooth, Android Auto, or Apple CarPlay that to your mobile device into a hands-free device that you can control through your car. This makes it much little distraction since he can keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes focused on the road.

Other Types of Distracted Driving

Distractions can come in many forms including the other people in your car. Noisy kids were arguing teenagers are often cited as being one of the most prevalent that hard to deal with driving distractions. You can also be distracted by thoughts of other things that you need to do throughout the day and a variety of other causes. Regardless of the reason, driving while distracted can be very dangerous. It is important that you address the issues that consistently distract you before getting on the road. That way, you can get to where you’re going safely.

Prevalence of Distracted Driving

Distracted driving is very common. In fact, most people are distracted while driving by one thing or another every time they go out. It is easy to be distracted while driving since there are many things to think about during the day. Most people likely don’t realize that they are distracted by multiple things. People have gotten so used to the small interruptions in their focus that occur all the time that these distractions feel commonplace. Distracted driving does not always result in an accident. However, being distracted behind the wheel significantly raises your chances of being in an accident and is an important thing to consider when you’re out on the road.

Tips to Prevent Distracted Driving

Although distracted driving is very common, ways of preventing distractions are also as common. The key is determining what distracts you while you’re driving in finding an effective solution that works every time. This will make driving much safer for everyone.

There are two types of distractions that you need to worry about: internal distractions, and external distractions. Internal distractions are easier to deal with and include things like an inability to focus while driving and being tired while driving. The simplest way to deal with these problems is to resolve them before you get in the car. If you’re distracted by things you need to do during the day, find a way to organize your thoughts. Use a planner or other planning method to organize your day so that you can remove the stress of your other obligations. This will help you avoid thinking about them while driving.

External distractions can be easy to deal with too. These include things like mobile devices and passengers. Put your mobile device on its “Do Not Disturb” setting while in your car. This will prevent incoming messages and calls so that it will only be a distraction if you let it. Place your mobile device in a position where it is hard to get to like the glovebox to that you are not tempted to mess with it while driving. If your passengers are routing, then pull over and resultant situation. Do not let them continue to be a distraction while your car is moving so that you can avoid an accident.

Distracted Driver Accident or Injury inIllinois
Avoid a Distracted Driving Accident in Illinois

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