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At The Kryder Law Group, LLC, we know how easy it is for a prospective client to shop around for a lawyer. Using internet directories, forums, and social media, you have a world of information at your fingertips.

Many people base their hiring decision on a law firm’s hourly rate or percentage of your settlement. Others choose a firm based on the number of wins they have under their belt, and still others look at the firm’s track record for winning sizable settlements and verdicts for their clients.

The Kryder Law Group, LLC measures up well on all these criteria. However, we also want to point out to you another often overlooked element you should be considering when choosing a law firm: How will this law firm make your life easier?

How We Make Things Easy for Our Clients

The legal team at The Kryder Law Group, LLC appreciates that if you are looking to hire a personal injury lawyer, your life is already challenging. The last thing you want is to hire a law firm and find that your life gets harder as a result.

We believe in going the extra mile to help our clients’ lives become easier as a result of hiring our firm. Here are just some of the ways Kryder Law makes things easy for you:

  1. We work on a contingency fee basis, so you pay us only when we win your case and you receive compensation via a settlement or verdict.
  2. We handle most of our communications on the phone, a method we find is most convenient for everyone involved. However, if you would like to meet in person at any time, we will happily arrange for this meeting within 48 hours of your calling to request it.
  3. We understand that getting around is probably more difficult for you since your injury—and that you might be working or even in the hospital recovering from your injury. A member of our legal team will meet with you at your office, home, hospital room, or any location that makes things easier for you.
  4. We will investigate the cause of your accident and identify the at-fault party.
  5. We will prove that the at-fault party was negligent and liable for your damages.
  6. We will calculate your recoverable damages, gathering all the documentation to prove your losses—past, present, and future—so you receive the maximum possible compensation.
  7. We will communicate with all parties in your case, including eyewitnesses, insurers, police, medical practitioners, expert witnesses, other lawyers, judges, and juries.
  8. We will negotiate with the insurance company, fighting aggressively to get you a fair settlement.
  9. If the insurance company refuses to agree to a fair settlement, we will file a lawsuit on your behalf and represent your right to compensation in civil court.
  10.  If you have legal representation for something other than personal injury, we are ready and willing to work with other attorneys who focus on the practice areas you need, including defense lawyers, divorce and custody attorneys, firms that handle real estate closings and business transactions—we are happy to collaborate to get you what you need.
  11. We go beyond representing your legal matters. If you need help coordinating medical care, getting your car repaired, or paying your medical bills, our staff can handle these things to lighten your load.
  12. We will act as your legal watchdog, ensuring that your legal rights are protected, so you can focus your energy on recovering from your injury.

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Let Us Help Make Your Life Easier

Kryder Law makes things easy. It is our role as a personal injury law firm. As our client, you can rest assured that your legal matters are in good hands. Call The Kryder Law Group, LLC at (312) 223-1700 for a free case review and legal consultation.

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