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Understanding how to maximize your settlement in Chicago is an effective way to ensure the amount provided compensates you for all the losses an accident causes you. 

You could file a claim against the at-fault party’s insurance policy after an accident in Illinois. In some instances, though, insurers may offer an amount that is less than the value of your damages. You can boost the value of your claim and fight for a fair settlement, though.

Report the Incident to the Insurance Company or Another Relevant Party

One ideal way to maximize your settlement in Chicago is by reporting an incident at the right time. Most insurance companies require their clients to inform them of any accident within a specific time. Failure to do so may affect your right to file for compensation or lower the settlement you can get.

Once you suffer personal or material damage, notify the proper authorities. For example, if you were in a car accident, contact the police as you wait for medical emergency responders. A work accident caused by a third party could require you to file an injury report with your employer. A fall on someone else’s property could require you to inform the owner.

Reporting such cases allows you to document the event for future reference. You may then use such records to support your case and prove your damages when filing your claim. You can obtain the report from the Chicago Police Department online or in person.

Gather Evidence That Supports Your Claim and Testimony

Claiming compensation requires providing evidence for negligence. You must also prove the four elements of a claim:

  • Duty of care
  • Breach of that duty
  • Causation
  • Injuries

After suffering a construction accident injury, take images of all wounds or damages you sustained because of a third party’s negligence. You should also keep receipts of the expenses you incur due to the accident. These may include:

  • Medical treatment
  • Buying medication and assistive devices
  • Repairing damaged property

Further evidence that can result in a fair settlement value is medical documents. You can prove the injuries you suffered were due to the incident through these. It can also show that the issue also aggravated existing health conditions. Other types of evidence you could use when claiming damages:

  • Surveillance footage
  • Images of property damage, 
  • Witness statements

Always Get Medical Attention to Affirm Your Health and Protect Your Claim

When you suffer physical harm, you must get immediate medical attention. Report all the injuries sustained and ensure they are reflected in your medical records.

This step allows you to claim fair compensation from the liable party. It also supports your case by proving that each injury you seek reimbursement for resulted from the incident.

Let Your Doctor Start Healing Your Injuries As Soon as Possible

Some injuries may have long-term effects and necessitate prolonged medical care. For example, if you suffer from a leg fracture, you might need physical therapy to restore mobility. Getting immediate medical attention allows you to determine the likelihood of needing long-term care.

Your doctor can assess your injuries to forecast the duration of your recovery. They will then indicate all the treatment you need and their costs. Having such information will help avoid paying for future medical expenses out of pocket.

Avoid Discussing Your Case on Social Media

Posting about an incident that led to your losses on social media can affect your settlement. This is because such information can be used against you when filing a claim or during a lawsuit.

Avoid discussing pending cases online and ensure that your loved ones also refrain from this practice. If possible, do not disclose the details of the matter to other parties except authorities like

Provide Relevant Parties With All Details About Your Case

Withholding information about a case when seeking reimbursement can lower your settlement amount. Provide every detail and avoid lying or omitting information that may prove you were partially at fault. Give the relevant parties the following essential information:

  • The time of the event
  • Duration it occurred
  • Location
  • The details of any witnesses
  • Your contact information

Providing a detailed account of an incident allows your lawyer to investigate your case within a shorter time. It also helps your insurance company. Another benefit of this is that it prevents you from losing your claim due to false information.

Contact The Kryder Law Group to Maximize Your Chicago Settlement

Working with a lawyer can take the stress of an insurance claim off your shoulders. We will investigate your case to pursue fair compensation for current and expected damages. At The Kryder Law Group, we provide legal representation focused on the victims.

Our attorneys can valuate your Chicago accident losses and guide you through your case. Reach out to The Kryder Law Group at (312) 223-1700 for a free consultation.

how to maximize your settlement in chicago
how to maximize your settlement in chicago

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