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Car Accident FAQ

Catastrophic Accidents Occur More Often than You Think

On May 20, 2020, in the early morning hours, a tragic SUV accident left a pedestrian killed and ended in a bizarre scene with the SUV lodged into a Wheeling home.  The pedestrian was later identified as a 31 year-old Chicago man.  Witnesses indicated the driver of the SUV fled on foot.  Wheeling police are currently investigating and the driver is still at-large.  Fortunately, no one was injured in the home but there was extensive property damage.  Unfortunately, these catastrophic accidents occur more often than you think.  Just a few months ago, numerous customers were injured when a truck crashed into a McHenry Starbucks.  Last year, a vehicle drove into the Woodfield Mall raising questions if the mall had taken adequate security precautions with appropriate vehicle barriers.  These serious and unusual accidents require immediate investigation to determine the cause and responsible individuals.  A personal injury attorney should be retained immediately to begin accumulating evidence and ensure a successful outcome. 

Car Accident FAQ from The Kryder Law Group

What type of evidence will an attorney investigate in a car accident?       

  1. Experts are deployed to investigate the circumstances surrounding an accident
  2. A reconstructionist may inspect the vehicles to get information from the data recorder
  3. Mechanical engineers may be used to inspect the vehicle
  4. Photographs and videos of injuries, property damage, and the scene of the accident will be reviewed
  5. Witness information and statements will be investigated
  6. Video from municipality or home security can be obtained through subpoenas to be reviewed

Attorney Investigations Help Build Your Case

In many instances, The Kryder Law Group, will deploy experts to investigate the circumstances surrounding an accident.  Our office has handled numerous cases with similar fact patterns and discovered some unusual explanations for the accident.  In one case, a woman accidently hit the accelerator instead of the brake causing her vehicle to crash into a commercial office space.  In another case, the driver experienced a medical emergency.  An accident reconstructionist may inspect the vehicles to secure vital information from the vehicle’s data recorder.  This information can be used to calculate speed and the force of impact, both critical points in a significant accident.  In other instances, mechanical engineers may be used to inspect the vehicle.  Also, it is important to take photographs or videos of any injuries, property damage, the scene of the accident and the position of the vehicles involved.  All witnesses information as well as statements should be recorded and retained immediately. 

The Kryder Law Group will also investigate all potential videos. Vehicles involved may have captured the accident on dashboard cameras.  Many cities and municipalities record traffic at intersections.  Even businesses or home security cameras may record the critical events leading up to an accident.  The videos can be obtained through subpoenas.  It is critical to act quickly as often time video is stored for a limited time.   

What types of damages can an injured party recover from an at fault driver?

  1. A civil action may recover damages to cover medical bills, property damage, wage loss, disfigurement, disability, loss of normal life, or pain and suffering
  2. An excess insurance or umbrella policy may apply
  3. An underinsured or uninsured motorist policy may apply
  4. A business or homeowner’s insurance policy may cover damages

At Fault Drivers May be Responsible for Damages

 An injured party can pursue a civil action against an at fault driver for damages including medical bills, property damage, wage loss, disfigurement, disability, loss of normal life as well as pain and suffering.  The Kryder Law Group will examine all potential insurance coverage.  Oftentimes in a major accident involving serious injuries, it is critical to determine whether an excess insurance policy or an umbrella policy exists along with all applicable automobile policies.  In other instances, an underinsured or uninsured motorist policy may apply.  Lastly, in these unusual cases involving homes and businesses, there may be insurance coverage through the business or homeowner’s policy.   

Why hire an attorney if you are involved in a motor vehicle accident?

  1. An experienced attorney can obtain critical evidence to determine cause and responsible parties
  2. Experienced and knowledgeable attorneys can discover evidence to dramatically improve the outcome of your case
  3. Attorneys experienced in motor vehicle accident cases can maximize the dollar amount of your recovery

How to Get Help

An experienced attorney can obtain the critical evidence necessary to determine the cause of the accident and all responsible parties.  Discovering an essential piece of evidence or responsible party can drastically improve the outcome.  The attorneys at The Kryder Law Group have the experience and knowledge to successfully maximize your recovery.  If you or someone you know has been injured in an accident, please contact the lawyers at The Kryder Law Group for a free consultation to discuss your legal rights at (312) 223-1700 or

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