Top 3 Tips to Keep Kids Safe: Gearing up for Back-to-School Includes Educating Your Kids on Crosswalk Safety

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Students are headed back to school and that means more children and buses are on the roads. This translates to higher accidents involving children. When a pedestrian is involved in an accident, death is often the unfortunate result since the pedestrian has no protection when struck. Even when death does not occur, the injuries associated with pedestrian accidents are often severe and even more so for children. Here are our top tips for kids’ crosswalk safety.

Did You Know? Children are at greater risk of being in an accident while approaching or leaving a bus, not riding one.

1. Understand the Facts

More than 75% of school transportation-related incidents from 2017-2018 involved students under the age of 18.

From 2008 to 2017, there were 1,241 people of all ages killed in school transportation-related crashes—an average of 124 fatalities per year. The majority of those student fatalities were not on the bus; over 75%, were either walking, waiting for the bus, biking, or in another vehicle.1Almost half of the school-age pedestrians killed in school transportation-related crashes from 2008 to 2017 were under 10 years old. Alarmingly, most of the pedestrian accidents that resulted in student-age children deaths occurred on the way to, or from, school.  The highest incident times were between 7:00 and 7:59 a.m., and from 3:00 to 3:59 p.m.  

2. Discuss Safety with Your Children

Education for kids’ crosswalk safety is an important part of back-to-school preparation that families often overlook.  WHY?   Children are less likely to evaluate risks associated with traffic to ensure no vehicle is moving too quickly, especially those turning at intersections. Driver education related to crosswalk safety, especially during the school season, is also lacking. The experienced attorneys at the Kryder Law Group are skilled at identifying cases in which neglectful actions resulted in the injury of a child or parent. Strengthen your traffic safety knowledge so you can teach and reinforce your children’s pedestrian safety habits. Refer to The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration resources including: A Kid’s Guide to Safe Walking.

3. Get Help If Your Child Is Injured

Unrestrained children account for 37% of  the 794 child passenger deaths  in car crashes in 2017. 

If your child has been injured as a pedestrian, whether crossing at a crosswalk, at a non-crosswalk location, or when playing by the street, it is important that you speak with a legal professional about what occurred. The injuries may have been caused by the negligent actions of others.  You may be entitled to compensation. Contact the Kryder Law Group today for your free consultation.



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Kids Crosswalk Safety Illinois
Top 3 Tips to Keep Kids Safe: Gearing up for Back-to-School Includes Educating Your Kids on Crosswalk Safety

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