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Waukegan Explosion Aftermath

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Waukegan Explosion Aftermath

AB Specialty Silicones Explosion Follow-Up

As 911 calls are released to the media and investigators sift through the wreckage of the AB Specialty Silicones plant explosion in Waukegan, it’s becoming clearer that the consequences of this disaster will be massive and far-reaching. Families have been torn apart and the community is still reeling. To date, there’s no official word on the cause of the explosion. But while the U.S. Chemical and Safety Hazard Investigation Board is still combing through the remains of the plant, AB Specialty Silicones is already going back to work. With such a horrific loss of life following an explosion in Waukegan that literally shook the homes around it, it’s upsetting that the company responsible is focused on profits instead of getting closure for those who’ve suffered. Four men died in this catastrophe, leaving their friends and family in an unimaginable position without any certainty as to what actually happened. Beyond those men, five other employees were in the building when the explosion occurred and countless brave first responders worked tirelessly to save lives and protect the public. On top of that, the released 911 calls reveal neighbors and homeowners who were so impacted and terrified that one woman took her baby and hid in the bathroom, fearing the worst.  While AB Specialty Silicones worries about their bottom line, we believe it’s essential that those who have suffered get swift and meaningful justice. A disaster of this magnitude is incredibly complex, and we’re standing ready to help those who have struggled to navigate these legal challenges. If you or anyone you know has suffered as a result of this explosion, please don’t hesitate to contact us for a free consultation. We’re in this fight for our clients and we firmly believe that your suffering deserves compensation.

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We’re Here to Help Victims from the Explosion in Waukegan

It’s important to act quickly, and getting high-quality legal representation while the fires are still burning is critical. We recommend checking out our client testimonials or contacting us directly at 312-223-1700 for any questions regarding this awful incident. The Kryder Law Group is a personal injury law firm servicing Waukegan, Illinois and surrounding areas. We’ll do everything we can to help you get the justice and closure you deserve.

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