Trucking Accident Lawyer Chicago

You need an experienced personal injury lawyer protecting your interests when you have been injured in a trucking accident. Our Chicago personal injury attorneys are skilled in helping you understand your rights after a trucking accident.

Often it can be difficult to determine responsibility and cause in trucking accidents, especially since state and federal laws and regulations govern many trucking policies.

Determining Responsibility in a Trucking Accident

If you’ve been injured in a trucking accident, we understand how frustrating it can be to determine responsibility and receive the compensation you deserve for your injuries. Responsibility can fall on a variety of individuals or organizations, including:

  • the driver of the truck or trailer
  • the owner of the truck or trailer
  • the person or company that is leasing the truck or trailer from the owner
  • the manufacturer of the vehicle, tires, or other parts that may have contributed to the accident in some way
  • the loader or shipper of the truck’s goods

According to statistics from the Department of Transportation, it is estimated that half a million trucking collisions occur every year, leading to approximately 5,000 fatalities.

Our trucking accident attorneys are ready to help you

Our trucking accident lawyers are also available for in-home consults for Chicagoland Suburbs and in-facility consults are possible if you are unable to travel. In every accident situation, it is important to move quickly in order to protect your rights and preserve evidence that may be lost with the passage of time. If you have suffered an injury in a trucking accident, call the Kryder Law Group at (312) 223-1700 or click here to request a Free Case Evaluation.

Our highly experienced Chicago trucking accident lawyers and personal injury lawyers are here to fight for your rights as an injured person, and we will do everything to make sure that the liable party’s insurance company pays you the maximum compensation for injuries incurred during an accident.