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There are numerous reasons why you should hire a personal injury lawyer after an accident. If your injuries resulted in costly medical care or time away from work, a personal injury lawsuit could be your best opportunity to recover compensation. A Chicago personal injury lawyer from our firm could obtain a fair award for you.

From serving as your advocate to building a strong theory of negligence, your lawyer could help you develop a solid case for compensation. What’s more, a lawyer could reduce the stress of an injury case, allowing you to focus on your physical recovery. You have dealt with enough up to this point, so it is best to leave your case in capable hands while you worry about your health.

A Personal Injury Lawyer Could Ensure You Are Treated Fairly

If the person responsible for your injuries was covered by insurance at the time, you can expect that they will have a lawyer working on their behalf. From auto liability coverage to homeowners policies, part of the coverage provided by the insurance companies typically involves the assistance of a defense lawyer. 

If you pursue an injury case on your own when the other side has a lawyer, you are putting yourself at an unnecessary disadvantage. A lawyer could use their knowledge of the law against you, and a single error could put your financial recovery at risk. 

Having a lawyer on your side could help you even the playing field. 

Your Lawyer Could Help You Avoid Legal Pitfalls

The area of personal injury law is complex, and handling these cases requires a deep understanding of how the law works. There are numerous legal pitfalls that could trip up your injury case, some of which could result in the dismissal of your case with prejudice. 

The most notable legal pitfall in injury cases is the statute of limitations. Governed by 735 ILCS 5/13-202 in Illinois, this statute of limitations is the deadline that applies to your injury case. If you wait too long to file your lawsuit, you could lose your right to pursue an injury lawsuit forever. In Illinois, this period generally expires after two years. 

A lawyer could ensure that you avoid the common pitfalls that come with an injury lawsuit. Specifically, they could ensure that you comply with the statute of limitations as well as any other deadlines that might apply to your case. 

You Could Pursue Your Claim with No Upfront Legal Fees

Your financial situation should never prohibit you from pursuing an injury lawsuit. Thankfully, most personal injury lawyers will pursue your case without the need for any upfront legal fees. 

Most injury lawyers take cases on a contingency-fee basis. With a contingency fee, your lawyer only collects their legal fees if they are successful. Instead of charging up front or by the hour, they keep a percentage of anything they collect on your behalf.

The ability to pursue your injury case risk-free is invaluable. Because you can secure the guidance of a lawyer without any upfront expenses, letting our firm handle your case is a win-win proposition. At best, you get the compensation you deserve. At worst, you avoid any costly legal fees. There are no risks this way.

Your Lawyer Can Manage the Details of Your Case

There are many moving parts in a successful injury lawsuit. These cases require extensive documentation, starting with your medical records. It is also necessary to secure copies of police reports, photographs of the damaged vehicles, and recorded witness statements. 

Your lawyer could manage these details for you. Developing and compiling the evidence needed to prevail in your case is a time-consuming process. Gathering this evidence can be exhausting, especially when you are recovering from a serious physical injury. 

Hiring a lawyer could take that stress off your shoulders and allow you to focus on your health. 

You Could Learn More About the Value of Your Case

A lawyer cannot promise a specific outcome in your injury case. However, they could rely on their experience to help you understand what your case might be worth. This could prevent you from accepting an unreasonably low settlement offer. 

Talk to Our Firm Before You Pursue an Injury Case By Yourself

If you still have questions about why you should hire a personal injury lawyer, you might benefit from speaking with us. We offer cost-free consultations to injury victims, and you will have an opportunity to discuss your case in detail with a compassionate team member. They will listen to the facts of your case and inform you of your legal options.

The Kryder Law Group, LLC is prepared to pursue financial compensation on your behalf. We understand how to build a case, and we will fight for the justice you deserve. To get started, call (312) 598-0982 for your free consultation. 

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