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Hit and run accidents account for nearly 30% of accidents in the Chicagoland area. A hit and run accident is when the person causing the accident leaves the scene. Hit and runs may not only cause property damage and physical injury, but also add to the victim’s stress after the accident since it can take awhile for law enforcement to find the person who caused the accident. It’s also possible the person will never be held accountable.

Kryder Law’s experienced hit and run accident lawyers can help you navigate your legal choices after you or a loved one have been injured or had property damaged in a hit and run.

Hit and Run Laws

In Illinois, drivers are required to stop after hitting another vehicle in such a way that results in personal injury and/or death of a person. If you have caused an accident, it is critical that you stop, make sure 911 is called if anyone is injured, and inform the police of the incident. You should also exchange contact information with the other people involved. Document the scene by taking photos if you can.

Fortunately, in Illinois, uninsured motorist insurance is included in the legal minimum requirements for auto insurance. This means that your insurance company will compensate you for injury and damage incurred by the accident. However, it is in the insurance company’s best interest to reduce their payout as much as possible. One of Kryder Law’s hit and run attorneys can work with you to make sure your insurance company compensates you fairly.

Protect Your Interests

Some hit and run accidents can involve serious injuries, especially if a pedestrian is involved. If you or a loved one has been severely injured in a hit and run, you might consider pursuing a lawsuit to recover medical expenses due to catastrophic injuries, such as those to the brain, spinal cord, or internal organs. These injuries might also affect future earnings as well as require long-term–even lifelong–care. If a loved one has been killed in a hit and run accident, you might also look into wrongful death prosecution.

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Working with an attorney can make the aftermath of a hit and run much easier to deal with. An attorney can help you deal with the investigation, interpret police reports, and, if necessary, represent you in court. Kryder Law’s accident lawyers are prepared to investigate your case and make sure you understand your options after a hit and run accident. We are also available for in-home consultations if you cannot travel. If you’ve been injured, don’t wait. Request a Free Case Evaluation today or call us at (312) 223-1700.