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Hoffman Estates Personal Injury Lawyer

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Hoffman Estates personal injury lawyer

A personal injury lawyer from the Kryder Law Group, LLC will pursue the awards that you deserve. A personal injury case may produce damages for medical care, lost income, pain and suffering, a wrongful death, and other specific losses.

Let a Hoffman Estates personal injury lawyer from our firm fight for you.

How Our Firm May Start Your Injury or Accident Case

Your injury attorney will do everything that you need them to. We know how to complete personal injury and wrongful death cases. To determine what legal services you require, our team will:

  • Conduct a free consultation
  • Ask you how your injury, illness, or loss of a loved one has negatively affected you
  • Determine the monetary cost of your losses
  • Survey your options for seeking compensation

Your options for obtaining compensation may include:

  • Insurance: Insurance may cover some or all of your losses, depending on the specific facts of your case.
  • A personal injury lawsuit settlement: A personal injury lawsuit may be necessary if you have suffered non-fatal injuries. We may resolve your lawsuit with a settlement.
  • A wrongful death lawsuit settlement: If your loved one passed away, we might file a wrongful death lawsuit on your behalf. Our wrongful death lawyers may settle this type of lawsuit as well.
  • A judgment: If you file a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit, our attorneys may secure a judgment after trial.

Filing an Illinois lawsuit is more likely to result in a settlement than a trial judgment, per the American Bar Association (ABA). We generally embrace the simplest path to the compensation that you deserve – and not a penny less.

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What Types of Compensation May Our Hoffman Estates Firm Obtain for You?

Our team reviews your losses to determine fair awards. Your settlement, insurance payment, or judgment must account for your losses. Some types of losses we generally seek compensation for are:

Medical Care for Your Injuries or Illness

Medical care is a common feature of personal injury and wrongful death cases. Emergency transportation, emergency department care, hospitalization, and rehabilitation are just some of the medical expenses that may entitle you to compensation.

Career-Related Harm

Injury and illness may cost you your regular wages. Serious ailments may diminish your earning power. You may forfeit performance bonuses and employer-matched retirement contributions. 

Your employer may demote you or be forced to let you go. Any such professional harm may entitle you to awards.

Emotional Anguish and Trauma

Our accident lawyers will seek coverage of trauma, emotional anguish, and other non-monetary losses. Such losses generally fall under the category “pain and suffering.”

Any Other Losses Stemming From Negligence

If you experience property damage, a loved one’s loss, and other types of harm, we could include these damages in your lawsuit.

It is our job as your law firm to identify all of your losses. Your personal injury lawyer will create an authoritative record of your damages. They can use that record to anchor settlement negotiations. Let us resolve your case in Hoffman Estates.

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What Qualifies the Kryder Law Group, LLC to Lead Your Case?

The Kryder Law Group, LLC makes the legal process painless for our clients. The clients we have secured settlements and judgments for appreciate our help. Here are some of our notable client reviews:

“Excellent work. Very respectful and get the job done well. The office has excellent attorneys and staff. I will stay with this firm for anything in the future. I’d recommend this firm to everyone.” – Shannon D.

“Attorneys at the Kryder Law Group are so helpful! They took care of everything when I had a horrible car accident. I could have never gotten the kind of compensation I got without them!” – Amanda L.

“We were so impressed the first time we met Andrew Kryder. Soft spoken. Respectful. Very professional. Not even a dot of a $ sign visible anywhere. You trust him instinctively… Prompt. Efficient. Courteous… every step of the way.” – Chris R. 

You should also consider our firm’s results in court and at the negotiating table.

Financial Recoveries Obtained By the Kryder Law Group, LLC

Effective legal representation has two components: client care and effectiveness in obtaining compensation. When it comes to client compensation, our firm counts the following results to our name:

  • $7.5 million for an injured construction worker
  • $3.2 million for a construction worker that slipped and fall
  • $3 million for a man hit by a negligent garbage truck driver
  • $2.2 million for a car accident victim
  • $2 million for a man hit while waiting for the bus
  • $1.5 million for a truck driver hit while tending to his vehicle on the side of the highway

These results all come from personal injury and wrongful death cases. As you pursue a law firm for your case, keep our record of financial recoveries in mind.

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Our Firm Serves Your Every Legal Need

As a personal injury-focused law firm, we have ample resources to complete your case. There is no duty that we do not handle. You can expect us to:

  • Retain qualified experts who can help your case
  • Conduct independent investigations
  • Complete all case-related paperwork
  • Help you arrange medical care
  • Help you secure temporary transportation
  • Meet with other parties involved in your case
  • Assign a value to your losses
  • Gather case-related evidence, like traffic camera footage
  • Arrange settlement negotiations
  • Complete settlement negotiations
  • Protect your rights

We check every box necessary to resolve your case. Your focus right now should be on your health. If you have lost a loved one, we provide you the opportunity to grieve properly. You will know that your entire legal case is in our hands.

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You Do Not Have Unlimited Time to File an Illinois Accident Lawsuit

You might have lost a Hoffman Estates family member in a similar accident to the one WGN-TV reported on in August 2021. You are not alone in your pain, and you could recover justice and compensation.

Illinois generally requires us to file your case by a certain date. Per 735 ILCS 5/13-202, the deadline for personal injury cases is generally two years from the date of injury or illness. We may need to file your wrongful death case within the same time period.

Call the Kryder Law Group, LLC Serving Hoffman Estates, IL, as Soon as Possible

Call our team regardless of when you became injured, became ill, or lost your loved one. A personal injury lawyer from our firm may be able to recover compensation for you and your family. We will fight for justice in your Hoffman Estates case.

Contact the Kryder Law Group, LLC today at (312) 223-1700 to complete your free case review.

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