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The Difference between Our Personal Injury Practice and Others

The founder of our law firm, Andrew S. Kryder, has been practicing law for more than two decades. His experience in litigation has taken him to Circuit Court and Appellate Court, and he has also been admitted to practice before the U.S. Supreme Court.

Our firm’s track record for winning verdicts and settlements for our personal injury clients speaks for itself. Over the years, we have recovered more than $100 million in compensation for our clients’ personal injury claims.

Besides our credentials and wins, another trait that distinguishes us from other law firms is our willingness to listen to our clients. We appreciate that your case is unique and that your expectations are also unique to your circumstances. For this reason, the legal team at The Kryder Law Group starts every new case with a conversation. We believe that listening to our clients is as vital to building a successful case as talking to our clients, perhaps even more so.

We further encourage communication with our open-door policy, and although most of our client communication happens over the phone, just call if you ever feel like you want to meet in person. We will schedule a face-to-face meeting to take place within 48 hours of your call.

Client Communications

The Kryder Law Group places a great deal of importance on the client-attorney relationship and our client communications. In that vein, we believe in proactive communications with our clients. We know your legal matters weigh heavily on your mind, and we do not want to add to that weight by keeping you in the dark about how your case is progressing.

Our lawyers will keep you apprised of every step we take, as well as how far it takes us. We will tell you about challenges met, milestones reached, and wins to celebrate. If we encounter an obstacle, you will be first to know, and we will immediately review with you our strategy for crossing that hurdle.

We Can Get You a Face-to-Face Meeting Within 48 Hours

For the most part, we will handle these updates and conversations over the phone. However, if at any time you feel like you need to meet in person with Andrew Kryder or another attorney at the firm, we will arrange a face-to-face meeting that will take place within 48 hours of your request.

For as much as we value and respect client communications, the nature of our work dictates that sometimes we leave the office to appear in court or meet with an insurance adjuster, interview a witness, file documents at the county clerk’s office, and so on.

This means we may not always be there to take your phone call, but you can rest assured that we stay on top of our email inbox and phone messages and will return your call promptly. If your question is one that a knowledgeable staff member can answer—perhaps regarding a court date or something similar—they will be happy to assist you. For more involved matters, you can count on your attorney calling you to discuss your questions or concerns.

The open-door policy at The Kryder Law Group is something that distinguishes us from other law firms. We keep our door open to you to keep the lines of communication flowing in both directions, and so you know, when you hire our firm, we are reliably “on the case.”

Our Culture

The Kryder Law Group believes that every client should have a good working relationship with their attorney. The customer service we provide to our clients echoes this belief.

We Offer a Sense of Control and Peace of Mind

We handle most of our client collaborations on the phone, but as our client, any time you want to meet face to face, we will schedule you to meet with Andrew Kryder within 48 hours of your call—even on weekends. Our clients love this open-door policy because it provides a sense of control at a time when clients desperately need it.

Peace of mind is something else clients crave after an accident. They want to know that they are entrusting their legal matters to a law firm that will handle everything from beginning to end, no matter what twists and turns may present themselves on the road to justice. As we develop the strategy for your case, you will see that our firm has experience with the entire run of a personal injury claim, including:

  • Investigating your accident to uncover evidence that supports your case
  • Identifying the at-fault party and establishing their negligence and liability
  • Calculating your recoverable damages
  • Negotiating with the insurance companies to maximize your settlement offer
  • Filing a lawsuit on your behalf if the insurer refuses to cooperate
  • Fighting for your right to compensation in civil court
  • Negotiating with the defendant’s attorneys if they decide they want to settle

Every step of the way, we keep our clients informed of the progress of their claims. We accept phone calls, and we return messages, so if you have a concern or question or just want to check in, you have that access, and you will leave the conversation knowing what we know about your legal action.

We Handle Cases on a Contingency Basis

As we work on your claim, you will never need to worry about unexpected fees and charges. We will review your lawyers’ fees and anticipated expenses with you during our initial, free consultation.

We will give you our fee arrangement in writing, so you know what to expect going forward. Furthermore, we will never hound you for legal fees. Our firm works on a contingency fee basis, so you pay us only when and if we win your case and you get a settlement or award from a jury. As our client, your only responsibility will be to relax and do what you need to recover from your injury.

To further ensure you are able to relax, our firm also goes above and beyond to help you get your life in order after your accident. We will help you coordinate and make payments for your medical care. If your car was damaged in an auto accident, for example, we will coordinate any needed repairs.

Above all else, our clients all respond to a culture of friendly customer service. When you talk, we listen, and we deliver the legal representation you need with a genuine smile.

Learn More about The Kryder Law Group during a Free Consultation

If you want to enlist the help of a personal injury lawyer and would like to experience a law firm whose entire culture is customer-based and results-oriented, call The Kryder Law Group for your free case review and legal consultation.

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When it comes to hiring effective legal counsel for your personal injury case, you need a lawyer with experience and a history of successful settlements and trials. If you’re in the Chicago area, contact the Kryder Law Group, LLC at (312) 598-0739 to be connected with a skilled personal injury legal team that you can rely on.

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    Settlements & Verdicts

    $7.5 Million Recovered for a Construction Worker Injured on Site
    $3 Million Recovered for the Family of a Person Struck by a Garbage Truck
    $2.2 Million Recovered for a Salesperson Injured in an Automobile Collision
    $2 Million Recovered for a Person Struck by a Speeding Vehicle While Waiting for the CTA Bus
    $1.4 Million Recovered for a Computer Programmer Injured in a Slip and Fall
    1.25 Million for a Veteran who Sustained Severe Leg and Arm Injuries in a Motorcycle Collision.  (Policy Limits)