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Personal injuries are events that most of us will need to deal with at some point during our lives. These events can cause severe physical injuries, impact our ability to work, and change our quality of life. Fortunately, many individuals who endure these losses are able to hold another person or company liable for their damages. If you can show that a defendant was responsible for the incident that resulted in your injuries, you could collect the compensation that you need to set things right.

A Rosemont personal injury lawyer may be able to help you pursue these payments. The dedicated team of attorneys at The Kryder Law Group could work with you to understand your experiences, gather evidence concerning your losses, and demand fair payments through insurance settlements or lawsuits.

Typical Sources of Personal Injuries

The unfortunate fact is that every person is vulnerable to the poor choices and recklessness of others. This can result in injuries occurring while doing nothing more than going about your daily routine. As a result, most personal injuries are the product of accidents, like:

  • Truck, car, or motorcycle accidents
  • Slips and falls or other incidents on someone else’s property
  • Injuries that result from using defective products
  • Medical malpractice
  • Pedestrian or bicycle accidents
  • Mishaps at work

A Rosemont personal injury attorney could provide more information concerning the sources of injuries and why another party may be to blame. Our team is ready to explain the law in ways that you can understand and help provide a clear path forward.

Proving Fault After an Injury

The fact that an injury occurs after an accident involving another party is not enough to prove that the other person or company was to blame. Injured people always carry the burden of proving fault if they want to collect compensation for their losses. A seasoned personal injury lawyer in Rosemont could take the lead in this process.

A qualified legal professional at The Kryder Law Group could help prove the essential concepts of a person’s case. This includes selecting the right theory under the law to describe the defendant’s actions, gathering evidence about the incident, and placing that evidence within the relevant framework of the law. In short, a diligent attorney could help build powerful cases against at-fault parties that aim to prove their fault for an injured person’s losses.

Seeking Fair Financial Recovery

Parties who are at fault for incidents that result in injuries have a duty under the law to pay monetary damages to victims. This includes paying for medical bills, providing reimbursement for lost wages, and compensating people for any lost quality of life connected to the incident.

A well-practiced injury attorney in Rosemont could help collect these payments. However, it is vital to remember that there is a limited time to act. 735 ILCS 5/13-202 states that most people pursuing personal injury cases must demand payment no more than two years after the date of their injury. Because of this, it is important to come forward as soon as possible to protect one’s legal rights.

Contact a Rosemont Personal Injury Attorney Now

Personal injuries are common events that have the potential to impact your life in multiple ways. In any situation where another party is responsible for an incident that results in an injury, they are obligated under state law to cover your losses. These can include medical bills, lost wages, emotional traumas, and more.

A Rosemont personal injury lawyer wants to help you obtain the financial recovery you deserve. They could take the lead explaining your legal rights, gathering evidence about the injury, and measuring your losses—all of which allows them to demand fair payments in and out of court. Call today to schedule a consultation with one of our skilled legal advocates.

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