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Our personal injury attorneys have proven track records of negotiating high-value settlements and securing top dollar inside of the courtroom. At the Kryder Law Group, LLC, we have recovered millions of dollars for past clients across a variety of practice areas, including workers’ compensation injuries, car accidents, and medical malpractice cases. We can help you recover the compensation you deserve.

Some of Our Previous Accomplishments

Here is a list of some of the results from the past legal cases we’ve represented:

$ 7.5 Million
Recovery for a construction worker injured when a support wall fell and struck him. (Highest award on record for a construction injury in DuPage County at the time).
$ 3.2 Million
Recovery for a construction worker injured when he fell in an uncovered foundation trench, ranking as the highest award on record for a construction injury in McHenry County at the time.
$ 3 Million
Recovery for the family of a man struck by a garbage truck that was making an illegal turn.
$ 2.2 Million
Recovery for a salesman injured in an automobile collision.
$ 2 Million
Recovery for a man struck by a speeding vehicle as he waited for the CTA bus.
$ 1.5 Million
Recovery for a truck driver that was struck by another car on the expressway while his vehicle was disabled.
$ 1.4 Million
Recovery for a computer programmer that slipped and fell in the washroom at work.
$ 1.4 Million
Recovery for a laborer that was injured due to carbon monoxide exposure.
$ 1.3 Million
Recovery for a union truck driver who was rear-ended while transporting concrete.
$ 1.25 Million
Recovered for a veteran who sustained severe leg and arm injuries in a motorcycle collision.  (Policy Limits)
$ 1 Million
Recovery for a child burned in a house fire.
$ 800,000
Recovery for a pedestrian struck by a vehicle in a parking lot. At the time, this was the second-highest recovery on record in DuPage County for a similar injury.
$ 800,000
Recovered for a disputed wrongful death claim against a trucking company.  The company denied they were involved in the collision.
$ 660,000
Recovery for a truck driver that was injured while unloading his trailer.
$ 550,000
Recovery for a person who slipped and fell in a grocery store.
$ 550,000
Recovery for a woman who injured her neck in a motor vehicle collision.
$ 500,000
Recovery for a pedestrian that was struck by a vehicle while standing on the sidewalk.
$ 460,000
Recovery for a truck driver that tripped and fell in the parking lot while making a delivery.
$ 450,000
Recovery for a dental assistant who slipped and fell at work on an unnatural accumulation of ice.
$ 425,000
Recovery for a union worker struck by a speeding vehicle.
$ 425,000
Recovery for a passenger in a vehicle struck by an inexperienced driver.
$ 415,000
Recovered for a woman that required neck surgery after aggravating an existing neck injury in a truck accident.
$ 400,000
Recovery for a lab technician injured while transporting equipment.
$ 370,000
Recovery for a construction worker injured on faulty equipment at a construction site.
$ 315,000
Recovery for a motorist struck by a falling utility pole.
$ 310,000
Recovery for a person injured in a motor vehicle collision.
$ 300,000
Recovery for a bicyclist struck by a vehicle.
$ 250,000
Recovery for a young woman struck by another vehicle.
$ 250,000
Recovered for a woman who sustained a partial finger amputation and other injuries in a rollover car accident.  (Policy Limits)
$ 250,000
Recovered for a man injured in a motor vehicle collision.
$ 250,000
Recovered for a 60-year-old woman involved in a car accident.  (Policy Limits)
$ 250,000
Recovered for a man hit by a semi-truck while operating a go-cart.
$ 240,000
Recovery for the injured party struck by another vehicle.
$ 235,000
Recovery for a person injured in a motor vehicle collision.
$ 235,000
Recovery for an inventory clerk injured when shelving toppled onto her.
$ 219,000
Recovery for a restaurant patron that slipped and fell in the bathroom.
$ 200,000
Recovered for an airline employee struck on the runway at O’Hare International Airport.
$ 190,000
Recovery for a person injured in a motor vehicle collision.
$ 175,000
Recovered for a child injured by fireworks at a fourth of July celebration.
$ 170,000
Recovered for a person injured when she slipped and fell exiting a major retail store.
$ 150,000
Recovered for a woman who fractured her leg when she was struck by a vehicle.

These only represent a few of the settlements and verdicts we have won for our clients. We also have dozens of other six-figure recoveries for persons injured in automobile collisions or slip and fall cases.

Every Case Is Unique

It is important to note that any law firm’s past accomplishments do not guarantee a certain outcome for any one case. A successful case depends on a variety of factors, including liability, the severity of injuries, and how those injuries will affect a victim’s life going forward.

What to Expect When You Hire Us

When we take you on as a client, we will work with expert witnesses to help prove the liability of the other party. We may call in accident reconstructionists to help determine fault for a vehicle collision, for example.

To accurately evaluate your losses, we will also communicate with your doctors to understand the extent of your injuries. We can use a couple of different methods to calculate your losses, including non-economic damages, like pain and suffering.

When hiring a personal injury lawyer, it is important that you work only with law groups that have demonstrated success settling and trying cases like yours. While it is true that each and every legal case is different, having experience trying a case similar to your own means that the lawyer already understands the nuances involved in winning cases with similar challenges. A law firm’s previous accomplishments matter in the courtroom.

Additionally, you want to choose a legal team that you trust and like personally. Some lawyers might be too busy to attentively listen to your side of the story, and this may not make you feel as if you’ve been heard. However, at the Kryder Law Group, LLC, we’re personally invested in our clients and prioritize client service. We understand that establishing positive relationships with our clients is the first step in successful lawsuits.

We Offer Free Consultations

Another benefit of working with our firm is our free consultations. If you are unsure whether you have a case or how much it may be worth, you can discuss it with us for free. This allows you to discover your legal options, and it helps us to get started on your case as soon as possible.

If You’re Ready to Get Started, Contact Our Attorneys Today

If you have any questions about our track record or experience, please contact The Kryder Law Group, LLC to discuss the circumstances of your injury as soon as possible. Remember, you have a limited time to file a lawsuit, or it may be barred, so call us today!

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    Settlements & Verdicts

    $7.5 Million Recovered for a Construction Worker Injured on Site
    $3 Million Recovered for the Family of a Person Struck by a Garbage Truck
    $2.2 Million Recovered for a Salesperson Injured in an Automobile Collision
    $2 Million Recovered for a Person Struck by a Speeding Vehicle While Waiting for the CTA Bus
    $1.4 Million Recovered for a Computer Programmer Injured in a Slip and Fall
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