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Personal injury cases often require battling insurance companies, large businesses, or aggressive lawyers. Accident victims do not have to face them alone.

One of our Orland Park personal injury lawyers from The Kryder Law Group can be your spokesperson, negotiator, and defender. We offer free initial consultations to help you determine your legal options.

What Can You expect to Receive in Damages?

While personal injury is an umbrella term for several accident types, these cases may result in compensation for:

  • Medical expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Non-economic damages

You have a right to pursue compensation if someone’s negligence caused your personal injuries in Orland Park. If they failed to act in a reasonable way that would have prevented you from getting hurt, they may be liable for your losses. Damages may reimburse you not only for your current losses but also for your future accident-related losses.

Medical Expenses

The Department of Health and Human Services estimates that a broken leg alone can cost $7,500, while the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that a car crash-related emergency department visit can reach $3,300. Furthermore, the cost of a longer hospital stay can soar into the tens of thousands of dollars.

Your medical damages cover what you already paid and the expenses you will face in the future. Eligible expenses include:

  • Emergency care
  • Hospitalization
  • Diagnostic tests
  • Specialist consultations
  • Rehabilitation
  • Therapy and counseling
  • Medical equipment
  • Prescription medication

Even alternative treatments, like chiropractic care, massage therapy, and acupuncture, could be covered.

Lost Wages

After an accident, you may be wondering how many days you can afford to miss work while recovering. Damages for lost wages can relieve these worries. Our Orland Park personal injury attorney often pursue compensation to cover:

  • Lost wages while you were recovering from your injuries
  • Diminished earning capacity if your injuries will keep you from returning to work
  • Disability

If your injury left you disabled, we can figure that into our calculations. Our team can even consult actuaries and economists to project the money you would have made if you hadn’t been injured. We can examine how this injury has affected every aspect of your career and fight for corresponding damages.

Non-Economic Damages

Settlements from personal injury claims or lawsuits may acknowledge what you experienced in the form of non-economic damages. This is compensation for the intangible results of your accident, including the effects on your life, emotions, and relationships. Examples include:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress
  • Reduced quality of life
  • Loss of consortium

Non-economic compensation is based on each individual’s experience, so the amount you may receive in this area will be tailored to you. If your injury prevents you from engaging in the activities you once enjoyed, compensation may apply. Mental health issues like PTSD, anxiety, or depression could warrant emotional distress damages.

Talk to our Orland Park injury lawyers about what you experienced so that we can have the full picture of your accident consequences.

What Can an Orland Park Attorney do to Help Build a Strong Personal Injury Case?

The personal injury lawyers at The Kryder Law Group can handle your Orland Park case on multiple fronts.

Communicating with Liable Parties

Whether you’re dealing with an insurance claim or want to pursue a personal injury lawsuit, one of the first ways we help you is by communicating with the liable parties and other individuals. We can talk to:

  • Adjusters
  • Attorneys
  • Police
  • Doctors
  • Experts
  • Witnesses

We also handle your case’s everyday logistics.

Gathering Evidence

Since personal injury requires proving negligence, our Orland Park attorney can compile evidence, such as:

  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Phone records
  • Police reports
  • Medical records
  • Background info

Navigating Your Legal Options

We also perform any other duties related to your case so you don’t have to. Hiring a personal injury lawyer may then lift the burden of the legal process off your shoulders and bring you peace of mind. To that end, we can:

  • Explain legal terminology
  • Study contracts and waivers
  • Assign a value to your case
  • Identify possible negligent parties
  • Reconstruct and analyze your accident
  • Review settlement offers
  • Advise when to file a lawsuit

We do everything possible for our clients, including offering a free consultation to get started. Contact us to ask questions, voice concerns, or gather information. We work for you, so interview us!

Types of Cases We Handle

Personal injury comprises several types of accidents. Get in touch with our Orland Park injury attorneys if you suffered harm in any of the following accidents:

Even if you don’t see your accident listed but were injured due to negligence, get in touch with us. For example, one of our past cases involved a child injured by fireworks at a Fourth of July party. Any injury caused by negligence could be eligible for personal injury compensation in Orland Parl.

Your Deadline to File a Personal Injury Lawsuit in Orland Park

In Illinois, you typically have two years from the date of the accident to file your personal injury lawsuit, per 735 ILCS 5/13-202. However, some aspects can shorten that timeframe, and our team can help you learn about your exact window for filing.

If you miss the filing deadline, you will lose your right to take a liable party to court and pursue a court-awarded settlement. Do not let a negligent driver, property owner, or other party get away with causing your injuries. Let us fight for your rights.

Call the Orland Park Personal Injury Attorneys at The Kryder Law Group Today

If you were injured in Orland Park due to someone’s negligence, whether on the road, in a store, or at someone’s house, call The Kryder Law Group to receive your free consultation. Our Orland Park personal injury lawyers will assist you with every part of your case.

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