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Getting to Know Markham: Facts and Local Guide

Markham was incorporated in 1925 with a population of only 300 people. The town was named for Charles Markham who served as president of the Illinois Central Railroad from 1911 to 1926.

Before this time Markham was considered Native American lands. In 1816 pioneers made a treaty with the Ottawa, Chippewa and Potawatomi tribes which created a strip of land between the Chicago River and Calumet River for early pioneers to settle.

In 1860 a German immigrant named Lawrence Roesner settled in present day Markham. He planted six seedlings he had carried with him from the Black Forest in Germany. The trees were adopted as the official symbol for the City of Markham in 1985. When the final tree from the original six seedlings died in 1986, the Markham City Counsel appropriated funds to purchase a replacement from the Black Forest in Germany. The Garden Club of Markham planted the tree in 1986.

Markham is home to one of Cook County’s circuit court sub-circuits. The Markham Courthouse is the base for the Cook County Sixth Municipal District. The courthouse is located at 16501 Kedzie Avenue in Markham, Illinois. All kinds of cases are heard at the Cook County Sixth Municipal Courthouse in Markham, Illinois. Judges hear traffic cases related to automobile accidents, personal injury cases as well as divorce, criminal, and chancery matters.

Learn more about Markham, Illinois in our local guide including information about:

Markham, Illinois at a glance

Where it’s located: Markham is a suburb of Chicago located to the South. Using I-94 to II-57 south, Markham is about 20 miles away from Chicago. By car, in normal traffic the trip should take about a half hour. The halfway point is Evergreen Park, Illinois.

Founding Date: Incorporated in 1925

Population: 12,508

County: Cook

Nickname: Prairie Capital of the Prairie State

Motto: Unity for the Community

Notable people from Markham, Illinois: Kid Sister, hip hop artist known as the first lady of Markham

Corey McPherrin, Chicago’s Fox News Anchor was born in Markham

Denny McLain, Major league baseball player and Cy Young Award Winner

Local Resources

Fire Department
The Markham Fire Department Administrative Offices
16313 Kedzie Parkway
Markham, Il
Non-Emergency Number: 708-331-2161

There are three fire stations in Markham, Illinois:

  • Station I – (Administration Office), 16313 Kedzie Parkway
  • Station II – 15700 Central Park
  • Station III – 16300 Dixie Highway

The Markham Fire Department’s mission is to serve the community by protecting lives and property in the village of Markham, Illinois. The Markham Fire Department provides fire and emergency rescue services, public education, fire prevention and emergency disaster services. The department responds to calls covering approximately a seven square mile area of the city. The Markham Fire Department is also on call for emergencies on portions of interstates, I-57 and Tollway 294 that intersects through the city.

The Markham Fire Department was founded in 1925 as an all volunteer workforce, with 45 members. Then, as it does now, the Markham fire department had three stations. The stations were located in opposite corners of the city. Since the needs of the community grew in 1987, the City of Markham passed an ordinance to form a full-time Fire Department. The hiring and training of nine full-time firefighters changed the dynamic of the department. In 1997, the City of Markham revamped the fire department and dissolved the part-time firefighter program. All emergency medical services and medical transportation were outsourced to private services.

Police Department
16313 Kedzie Ave
Markham, Il
Non-Emergency Number: 708-331-2171

The Police Department’s priority is to enhance the quality of life for Markham residents by working cooperatively with the public, within the framework of law enforcement to preserve peace and provide a safe environment. The police officers respond to a multitude of situations that require a person with authority to assist in reducing or resolving problems associated with law enforcement and public order maintenance. Dial 911 for all emergencies.

Markham City Hall
16313 Kedzie Ave
Markham, Il

Markham City hall houses the many of the municipal offices that service the citizens of Markham. Information on issues ranging from garbage removal, to voting stations, utilities, zoning, local regulations and much more can all be found at Markham City Hall.

Markham Public Library
16640 Kedzie Avenue
Markham, Il

The Markham public library provides a number of educational, informational and cultural services for the community of Markham, Illinois. The library was originally formed in 1960 largely thanks to the volunteer efforts of Ruth Anderson and Mark Oglesby. Through their efforts the library collected over 5,000 books. In 1967 the village of Markham officially established the local library. The original library location was within the Roesner Park Field House and was later relocated to the Canterbury Shopping Center. In 1980 the library was moved to its current location on Kedzie avenue when the Village of Markham purchased the Christ Community Church and turned it into the public library.

In 2001 the library was named the Bradford, Anderson Public Library in to honor the library Board President Dorothy Bradford and the two volunteers, Mary Oglesy and Ruth Anderson, whose efforts started the library.

Chamber of Commerce
The Markham Chamber of Commerce has successfully attracted national companies like Ford Motor Company, Nike, GE and Caterpillar. At the same time the organization has worked very hard to promote the creation of small, locally owned businesses. The Markham Chamber of Commerce has hundreds of members.

Local Businesses

Markham is home to many businesses recognized nationwide and even globally. Some of the top companies that have a presence in Markham, Illinois include Ford Motor Company, Siemens, Nike, PepsiCo, GE and Caterpillar. Markham’s location and work force make it an ideal location for many companies.

School Districts

The following are the school districts that serve the city of Markham:

Elementary Education

Prairie Hills District #144: 3015 West 163rd Street, Markham, 708-210-2888; Serves Markham, west of Western Avenue and South of 154th Street.

Hazel Crest District #152 1/2: 1910 West Dixie Highway, Hazel Crest, 708-335-0790; Serves area I-294 east to Park Avenue between the south side of 163rd Street to 167th Street.

Springfield District #143: 14620 Springfield, Midlothian, 708-385-0045; Serves Country Aire subdivision only.

Posen District #143 1/2: 14025 Harrison, Posen, 708-388-7200; Serves Bel Aire subdivision only.

Harvey District #147: 155th and Hoyne, Harvey, 708-339-9500; Serves areas between Western and Dixie Highway on 156th Street, 156th Place and south side of 157th Street.

Harvey District #152: 16001 Lincoln Avenue, Harvey, 708-333-0300.

Secondary Education

District #205: Thornton, 708-596-1000

District #228: Bremen, 708-389-1175

Higher Education

Prairie State College: 708-709-3500

South Suburban College: 708-596-2000

Transportation Information

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  9. Vicious animal attacks
  10. Wrongful death
  11. Medical Malpractice, birth injuries, failure to diagnose

Questions that Residents of Markham May Have About Personal Injury Claims

1. Is it worth hiring a Markham personal injury attorney for my personal injury claim?

If you have a serious injury, a Markham injury lawyer can help you maximize your recovery. An experienced lawyer knows the value of your case and how to make an insurance company pay the maximum compensation for your pain and suffering. A personal injury lawyer, like those at The Kryder Law Group, can also help you recover lost wages and other compensation you may be entitled to.

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