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The Kryder Law Group has helped residents of Richton Park for decades. Our firm handles car, truck and motorcycle accidents for those injured in Richton Park, Illinois. We also handle workers’ compensation claims, premises liability claims, medical malpractice and all types of personal injury claims.

Learn more about Richton Park, Illinois in our local guide.

Richton Park, Illinois at a Glance

Where it’s located: 34 miles from Chicago, IL

Population: 13,292

County: Cook

Motto: Proud Past, Bright Future.

The Village sits astride the famous Sauk Trail which was used by the Sauk and Pottawatomie tribes for moving between settlements and sacred areas stretching all the way from the Mississippi around the Rock Island area all the way to what is now Ottowa, Canada.

After the arrival of the Illinois Central Railroad in 1852, developers established a depot and platted a small agricultural village where the rail line crossed the Sauk Trail. In 1926, the Illinois Central Railroad electrified its suburban lines, with Richton as the last stop. Local residents incorporated the village, re- naming it Richton Park.

When Chicago’s suburban sprawl finally pushed into the area in the late 1960s and 1970s, the village’s population boomed as it annexed new housing developments. There were 2,558 people living in the village in 1970. By 1980 the population had grown to nearly 9,403, and in 2000 the village had 12,533 residents.

Richton Park Local Resources

Richton Park Police Department
Address: 4455 Sauk Trail, Richton Park, IL 60471
Phone Number: (708) 283-6393

Strives to provide excellence in policing services by working collaboratively with the community to address crime, the fear of crime and other public safety concerns. We work in partnership with residents, schools, local businesses, home owner associations, civic groups, churches and other government agencies to ensure the community of Richton Park is a place where people want to work, live and play.

Richton Park Fire Department
Address: 4455 Sauk Trail, Richton Park, IL 60471
Phone Number: (708) 481-8985

Our mission is to save lives and to protect property from the ravages of fire, natural disasters, injuries, illness or any other situation which could compromise the well being of all people we may be called on to help.

Richton Park Public Libraries
Address: 22310 Latonia Ln, Richton Park, IL 60471
Phone Number: (708) 481-5333

For history, the Richton Park Public Library District is a perfect example of community support. This began when village trustees investigated library services. Interest in a library was strong, and in 1972 a storefront was rented, located at 22365 Governors Highway. The storefront had been a coffee-house and volunteers did extensive cleaning and renovation in order to convert it into a library. Books were obtained through donations from area residents, the Suburban Library System, and the Illinois State Library. Fundraisers, including bake sales, book sales and paper drives were held. Volunteers constructed shelves for the books and furniture was donated to the library.

Local Businesses & Restaurants in Richton Park

Below is a list of attractions, restaurants, and things to do in the surrounding area:

Flavor Restaurant
Address: 5091 Sauk Trail, Richton Park, IL 60471
Phone Number: (708) 748-3000

Cajun & Caribbean spot featuring jerk chicken, jambalaya, all-day breakfast & live music.

Blue Sharks
Address: 5149 Sauk Trail, Richton Park, IL 60471
Phone Number: (708) 747-7662

Chicago Dough Company – Richton Park
Address: 3767 Sauk Trail #1447, Richton Park, IL 60471
Phone Number: (708) 748-8300

Pick for classic pizzas with numerous crust styles & a multitude of toppings plus a daily buffet.

Local Education in Richton Park

Private Colleges / Universities

  • Dominican University
  • University of Chicago
  • Illinois Institute of Technology
  • DeVry University

Public Colleges / Universities

  • Chicago State University
  • University of Illinois at Chicago
  • North Eastern Illinois University

Community Colleges

  • Moraine Valley Community College
  • Joliet Community College

Local Crime and Accident Rates

According to data, The chance of becoming a victim of either violent or property crime in Richton Park is 1 in 37.

Transportation Information

For public transportation:

  • Richton Park Metra Electric Line
  • Pace Shuttle (Seniors)
  • Bike Paths & Trails
  • More information

Kryder Law Scholarships

College bound residents of Richton Park are invited to apply for the Kryder Law Group local scholarship. The legal team and staff at The Kryder Law Group, LLC are deeply committed to serving their communities. One way they fulfill this drive for service is by offering scholarships to college-bound students. Kryder Law would like to hear from a diverse group of applicants. It does not matter if you have just been accepted to college or if you are midway through your higher education. Topics change throughout the year, as well as the criteria and application materials, therefore make sure if interested in applying to the Kryder Law Group local scholarship, check on the website for updated information.

Why Residents of Richton Park, Illinois Have Chosen The Kryder Law Group to Handle Their Personal Injury Cases

The Kryder Law Group is a personal injury law firm servicing Richton Park, Illinois and surrounding areas. Each personal injury lawyer at the Kryder Law Group has years of experience and has handled hundreds of accident claims. Each injury attorney has handled Richton Park car, truck, bus and motorcycle accidents in the Richton Park, Illinois area. In addition, the injury lawyers at the Kryder Law Group have handled Richton Park work injuries, Richton Park dog bite injuries, Richton Park construction injuries, Richton Park slip and falls, Richton Park nursing home neglect cases and many other types of injury claims for residents of Richton Park, Illinois and surrounding neighborhoods. You can be confident each injury lawyer at the Kryder Law Group has the experience to handle your personal injury case and maximize the value of your personal injury settlement or jury verdict.

Hear from Personal Injury Attorney Andrew Kryder

Cases Handled by The Kryder Law Group for Residents of Richton Park, Illinois

If you have been injured in Richton Park, Illinois you need an experienced Injury Lawyer. The Kryder Law Group can handle the following types of cases if you live in Richton Park, Illinois:

  1. Richton Park Auto Accidents
  2. Richton Park  Bus Accidents
  3. Truck accidents in Richton Park
  4. Slip and Falls at Richton Park stores or on property
  5. Work Injuries that occur at Richton Park businesses
  6. Commercial vehicle accidents that might happen in Richton Park with deliver trucks, Uber, Lyft, UPS, Fed Ex and Amazon
  7. Construction Accidents that occur at Richton Park, Illinois construction sites
  8. Vicious Animal Attacks that happen in Richton Park, Illinois
  9. Wrongful Death
  10. Medical Malpractice, Birth Injuries, Failure to diagnose that happen at Richton Park hospitals

Questions to Consider When Hiring a Richton Park Personal Injury Lawyer for Your Injury Claim

1. Is it worth hiring a Richton Park personal injury attorney for my personal injury claim?

If you have a serious injury, a Richton Park injury lawyer can help you maximize your recovery. An experienced lawyer, like those at the Kryder Law Group, know the value of your case and how to make an insurance company pay the maximum compensations for your pain and suffering. A personal injury lawyer can also help you recover lost wages and other compensation you may be entitled to.

2. How much is my Richton Park, Illinois injury claim worth?

Every case is different, but you may be entitled to lost wages, medical bills, future medical bills, disability, loss of a normal life compensation, money for pain and suffering. The personal injury lawyers at the Kryder Law Group can evaluate your case for free. See what you get in your free Richton Park personal injury evaluation below.

3. If I am injured in Richton Park, Illinois, How long will it take to settle my personal injury claim?

Some cases can be resolved quickly after your medical treatment has concluded. However, in other instances cases can take longer if the injury causes permanent disability. If you live in Richton Park, Illinois and would like to discuss your case call the Kryder Law Group for a free analysis of your case.

4. If I speak to a lawyer, what is included in My Free Personal Injury Consultation?

We offer free legal advice to people who live in Richton Park, Illinois. We like to understand the goals and expectations of every client before we begin. That is why the Kryder Law Group provides a free personal injury consultation to every client. If you live in Richton Park, Illinois we will provide a free legal consultation.

Here is what you will get in your free legal consultation:

  • We will evaluate the strength or weakness of your case.
  • We will identify all points of compensation you are entitled to.
  • We will evaluate the existence of available insurance.
  • We will discuss your injury and whether specialists are needed.
  • We will evaluate whether expert testimony is needed for your case.
  • We will listen to you and answer any questions you may have.

If you reside in Richton Park, Illinois the Kryder Law Group will provide you with a free evaluation. Just call our office and tell us about your case. There is no fee, unless we win. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Richton Park Local Guide
Learn about Richton Park, IL and The Kryder Law Group.

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