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October 18, 2019

Chicago Wintertime Accidents: Snow, Ice, and Slip and Fall Injuries

Illinois Appellate Court Decision Clarifies Law on Contractual Relationships and Snow Removal With wintertime fast approaching, Chicagoans are preparing to [...]
March 29, 2016

Snow and Ice Slip and Falls: Do I have a claim?

Many people who are injured when they fall on snow or ice are confused about exactly what is required for [...]
March 24, 2016

Illinois Slip and Fall Cases: Do I have a Claim?

Many people are confused about what exactly is required to bring a successful slip and fall claim in Illinois. While [...]
October 29, 2014

Drive Safe in Winter Weather

As the saying goes, there’s only two seasons in Chicago: construction and winter. We’re about to head into winter, so [...]