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November 24, 2021

Chicago Snow and Ice Slip and Fall Lawsuits

As everyone in Chicago knows, wintertime can be bitterly cold. As the temperature plummets, more often than not, the weather forecast includes snow and ice… and more snow. Around this time of year, we get a lot of questions about who is responsible for a slip and fall on ice [...]
September 17, 2021

All You Ever Need to Know About Slip & Fall Cases Part 3

Part 3: How to Win a Slip and Fall Case In the third part of our series about slip and fall accidents, we outline how to win slip and fall accidents cases. We cover the following questions about this common type of personal injury case: Are slip and fall cases [...]
September 17, 2021

All You Ever Need to Know About Slip & Fall Cases Part 2

Part 2: Slip and Fall Case Examples In this second part of our series, we give extensive examples of slip and fall accident cases and cover the following: Slip and Fall Cases in Illinois Common Examples of Premises Liability Cases Common Slip and Fall Accident Cases Why is a Slip [...]
September 17, 2021

All You Ever Need to Know About Slip & Fall Cases Part 1

Part 1: Slip and Fall Case Basics Have questions about what counts as a slip and fall case? In this three part series, we’ve got answers to all the questions you wanted to know about but were afraid to ask! First we’ll cover the basics and answer the following: How [...]
April 09, 2021

Slip and Falls in Busy Stores FAQs

Stores like Walmart and Target are busy places with hundreds, if not thousands, of people coming in and out of the store every day. Unsurprisingly, people will sometimes slip on water, soap, or leaking detergent and suffer serious injuries. But after the injured person receives the expensive bill for the [...]
October 30, 2020

Tripping Because of a Sidewalk or Defective Floor: FAQ

As a follow up to our introductory guide on trip and fall accidents that covers the de minimis rule and gives case examples, we’ve put together this FAQ. If you are injured because of a trip and fall on an uneven sidewalk or floor defect, here are answers to some [...]
September 25, 2020

Slip, Trip and Fall Accident Cases: An Introduction

While walking down a sidewalk or walking in an enclosed building, something catches your foot and you slip and/or trip and fall. Once you get beyond any embarrassment, you realize that the potential cause of your fall was a defect in sidewalk or flooring.  Tripping, falling, and injuring yourself because [...]
October 18, 2019

Chicago Wintertime Accidents: Snow, Ice, and Slip and Fall Injuries

Illinois Appellate Court Decision Clarifies Law on Contractual Relationships and Snow Removal With wintertime fast approaching, Chicagoans are preparing to deal with winter chores like digging out cars and clearing the sidewalks of ice and snow. But who is considered at fault if you suffer from a common Chicago wintertime [...]