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The sudden impact of another vehicle colliding with your car in a rear-end accident can result in serious whiplash. The back-and-forth motion of your neck from a violent collision can greatly damage the soft tissues, muscles, and other areas of your body.

Whiplash is more than just a stiff and sore neck. This particular type of injury can affect your vision, hearing, shoulders, and more, according to Mayo Clinic. If you experienced serious injuries due to a negligent driver who caused your rear-end accident, you may be able to recover financial awards for your medical costs, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

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Some Circumstances That May Have Caused Your Whiplash Injuries

You may have suffered your neck injuries due to the negligent speeding of another car rear-ending your vehicle. Additionally, the liable driver may have been tailgating you due to road rage or another similar form of aggressive driving.

Purposely tailgating another driver is a form of bullying that classifies as aggressive driving. The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety estimates that as many as 51 million drivers purposely tailgated a driver who made them angry at least once in a year-long period. Following too closely, speeding, and driving too fast for road conditions can result in a traumatic rear-end collision.

Other dangerous driver behaviors and reckless actions include:

Visual, manual, and cognitive distractions are all detriments to operating a vehicle safely. When another driver fails to share the road in a responsible manner, their reckless actions can change your life forever.

While whiplash is most closely associated with rear-end collisions, it can also occur in sports or other types of accidents. Whiplash can impact your career and your ability to perform certain tasks, and can result in serious depression.

Why Whiplash is a Serious Car Accident Injury

Whiplash is so named due to the back-and-forth motion of your neck from a violent impact. When another vehicle crashes into you, it can jolt your neck like the crack of a whip.

If you think you might have whiplash, only a trained medical professional using imaging equipment can properly diagnose your condition. Depending upon the severity of your whiplash, the Cleveland Clinic reports that you may experience one or more of the following:

  • Headaches
  • Muscle spasms
  • Anxiety
  • Decreased range of motion
  • Memory loss

Problems with whiplash are often long-lasting. The Cleveland Clinic reports that some studies show that between 12 and 50 percent of patients experience chronic neck pain for a year beyond the time of injury.

If you experienced a serious whiplash injury due to a rear-end collision or other types of negligence, an Aurora whiplash accident lawyer from our team can help you. Pursuing a civil action claim is your right under Illinois law. Call the Kryder Law Group, LLC now to learn more about your legal options for possible compensation: (312) 223-1700.

Insurance Company Motives and Your Accident Injuries

No matter how friendly an insurance company representative may appear, you do not have to speak candidly with them. Their approach may focus on one goal: resolving your case quickly and for the least amount possible.

The amount they may offer you may not be enough to cover your future medical needs. The true extent of your whiplash injury is something your doctor may not determine right away. It is important that you protect your interests and consider securing legal representation now.

Should you accept the insurance company’s offer, you lose your right to pursue a civil action later if your medical condition worsens. Let an Aurora whiplash accident lawyer determine and prove liability for your accident and injuries.

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At the Kryder Law Group, LLC, we believe in fighting for the compensation our clients deserve. We want to help you in any way we can while you focus on pursuing relief and rebuilding.

A whiplash injury affects more than just your neck—it can also affect your vision, hearing, sleep, mood, and memory, according to Mayo Clinic. If your life drastically changed due to a whiplash injury caused by a negligent person, let an Aurora whiplash accident lawyer from our team help you.

It is important that you contact us for a free case evaluation now. The statute of limitations is a tight deadline for filing your civil case in Illinois, under 735 ILCS 5/ Code of Civil Procedure. Once the deadline passes, you may lose your opportunity to pursue possible compensation.

If you suffered a neck injury during a rear-end collision or other types of accident that was not your fault, seek immediate medical attention. Mayo Clinic reports that the pain you feel now may worsen if:

  • You are of an older age
  • You experienced lower back or neck pain prior to the accident
  • This is not the first time you are suffering from whiplash
  • You suffered your accident at a high speed.

Most of us take the opportunity to turn our head and to move our neck for granted. When your neck is seriously injured due to a negligent person, it can greatly affect your range of motion. A limited range of motion, in turn, impacts your ability to dress, cook, and complete other daily tasks.

Whiplash is a serious injury. If you experienced whiplash due to the negligence of another person, you deserve justice. Call the Kryder Law Group, LLC now for a free case evaluation: (312) 223-1700. You owe us nothing until, and unless, we win damages for you.

Aurora Whiplash Accident Lawyer
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