Common Workplace Injuries: Repetitive Motion Injuries

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While people often think of workplace accidents as involving a single, traumatic event like a slip and fall or being struck by an object, repetitive strain injuries (RSI) can be just as debilitating. Workers’ compensation may be available to help you recover.

The experienced workers compensation attorneys at The Kryder Law Group, LLC Accident and Injury Lawyers are ready to negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf to make sure your medical bills are covered and your benefit checks don’t unexpectedly stop coming in.

What Is a Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI)?

A repetitive strain injury is a type of musculoskeletal disorder that results from repetitive use or overuse of muscles, tendons, and nerves. These injuries, such as carpal tunnel syndrome, are common in jobs where workers perform the same tasks or motions repeatedly, such as typing on a keyboard, using a mouse, or lifting heavy objects.

Symptoms of Repetitive Strain Injuries

The symptoms of RSIs can vary depending on the type of injury and its severity.

Repetitive motion disorders and are treated by an orthopedic doctor or physical therapist. Some common signs of RSIs or cumulative trauma disorder include:

  • Pain or tenderness in the affected area
  • Stiffness or loss of mobility
  • Weakness or numbness in the affected muscles
  • Swelling and inflammation
  • Difficulty performing tasks that involve repetitive tasks

Common Causes of Repetitive Strain Injuries

RSIs are caused by performing the same motions over and over again. Work-related injuries can be caused by various factors, sometimes called repetitive stress injuries include:

  • Poor posture or ergonomics
  • Repetitive motions without breaks or rest periods
  • Overexertion from lifting or carrying heavy objects
  • Vibrations from using tools and equipment such as jackhammers or power saws

Types of Work That Can Cause RSIs

RSIs can occur in any job that requires repetitive motions or sustained postures with repetitive movements. Some common occupations include:

  • Office workers who type on keyboards for extended periods of time
  • Factory or assembly line workers who perform the same tasks repeatedly
  • Construction workers who use power tools or lift heavy objects
  • Cleaning staff who perform repetitive motions like scrubbing or mopping floors
  • Healthcare workers who lift and move patients

Seeking Workers’ Compensation for RSIs

If you have developed an RSI due to your work duties, you may be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits. Workers compensation insurance can help cover the cost of medical treatment including physical therapy, lost wages, and rehabilitation expenses related to your injury.

What Is and Is Not a Valid Case?

In these types of personal injury cases, proving negligence isn’t necessary to receive benefits. To claim benefits for a repetitive strain injury from your employer, demonstrate the injury happened during and because of your work.

Simply put, if your injury is work-related, you could have a case.

Examples of a Valid Workers’ Comp Repetitive Strain Injury Claim

Repetitive motion injuries can occur in various situations, including tasks on assembly lines, meatpacking, sewing, boxing, lifting or moving products, performing cleaning tasks like mopping and scrubbing, data entry, typing without breaks, and any repetitive task using power tools such as drills and saws.

Examples When a Repetitive Stress Injury Is NOT a Valid Workers’ Comp Claim

Repetitive motion injuries not eligible for workers’ comp include those from non-work-related activities like playing an instrument or sports, commuting, self-inflicted injuries, or off-hours activities for personal benefit.

How Much Is My Repetitive Strain Injury Worth?

Repetitive strain injury victims are entitled to damages under the Illinois Workers Compensation Act. Under this Act, workers are entitled to compensation for the following:

  • A fixed percentage of lost wages while out of work;
  • A fixed percentage of any future lost wages if considered disabled;
  • Medical bills for treatment, including surgeries, rehabilitation, and therapy related to the injuries
  • In some instances, permanent disfigurement and job training to find new employment

What Are the Time Limits for Filing a Workers’ Comp Claim?

In Illinois, workers’ compensation claims must be filed within strict deadlines, or benefits may be denied. Repetitive stress injuries must be reported within 45 days.

How to Prevent Repetitive Strain Injuries

How to Prevent Repetitive Strain Injuries Infographic
Preventing a repetitive motion injury starts with ergonomic workstations and proper posture. Regular breaks, stretching exercises, and varying tasks can reduce risk. Educational programs on safe work practices and the use of ergonomic equipment are also important to prevention.

How a Workers’ Comp Lawyer Can Help You

An experienced workers’ compensation attorney can assist by guiding you through the claims process and ensuring you receive the maximum compensation you deserve. Your attorney will:

  • Investigate your claim to identify the cause of the repetitive stress injuries and prove they are job-related.
  • Collect evidence such as medical records and eyewitness testimony to back the claim.
  • Manage every step of the legal process, including filing claims and appealing denials of benefits.
  • Negotiate with the insurance company to secure the maximum compensation for you.

Contact an Experienced Workers’ Comp Attorney Today

If you have suffered a repetitive strain injury at work, seek legal representation from an experienced workers’ compensation attorney at The Kryder Law Group, LLC Accident and Injury Lawyers.

We can help you navigate the complex process of filing a claim and ensure you receive the benefits you are entitled to under the law.

Common Workplace Injuries: Repetitive Motion Injuries
Common Workplace Injuries: Repetitive Motion Injuries

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