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Getting to Know Lisle: Facts and Local Guide

Lisle, Illinois is a suburb of Chicago located in DuPage County. Its population is just under 23,000 residents. In recent years, the community has updated its downtown area to include shops and restaurants. The Metra Station is conveniently located near downtown and Lisle’s proximity to major highways make commuting from Lisle easy and convenient.

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Lisle, Illinois at a glance

When Lisle, Illinois formed: Lisle was incorporated in 1956. Residents settled the area as early as 1832.

The Population of Lisle, Illinois: 23,912

Lisle, Illinois location: Lisle is approximately 35 miles west and slightly south of Chicago. If you are traveling from Chicago to Lisle, Illinois, your best route is probably using I-55 to I-355. Depending on the time of day you should budget 45 minutes to an hour for travel time. Nearby towns include Naperville, Wheaton, and Downers Grove.

The Motto for the Village of Lisle, Illinois: “The Arboretum Village”

History of Lisle, Illinois

Lisle was officially incorporated in 1956, but over one hundred years earlier settlers began to carve out homes in what is the current day location of Lisle, Illinois. In 1830, a Quaker, named Bailey Hobson settled in what would later become DuPage County. DuPage was officially formed one year later in 1831. One year after that, in 1832, brothers James and Luther Hatch acquired land in present day Lisle, Illinois, near what we now know as Ogden Avenue. The brothers established a small farming community and named it “DuPage” because of its close proximity to the DuPage River. The Hatch brothers provided local services to a growing community including the area’s first wagon and blacksmith shops. The Hatch brothers also set aside a portion of their land for a cemetery which remains one of the oldest registered cemetery plots in the State of Illinois.

Another early resident of the area was Alonzo B. Chatfield, from Lisle, New York. When DuPage County was formed in 1849, Chatfield proposed the name Lisle for the village. The name was adopted and Lisle Township was formed. The Village was incorporated over 100 years later in 1956.

Today, Lisle is a quaint suburb of Chicago. Nearby towns include Naperville, Wheaton, and Downers Grove. The downtown area on Main Street has several restaurants and shops that make it worth visiting.

Local Economy and Businesses in Lisle, Illinois

Navistar manufactures commercial vehicles for the public and defense industry. The company is located in several communities including Lisle, Illinois. Navistar is located in the Lisle business district along Warrenville Road and employs nearly 2,500 people.

Benedictine University
Benedictine University employs almost 1,200 people in the Lisle area. It serves as a major employer for the community. Benedictine University is a private Catholic university in Lisle, Illinois. It was founded in 1887.

Local Restaurants in Lisle, Illinois

Raymes Steak and Fish House
4801 Lincoln Ave.
Lisle, IL 60532

With classic steakhouse dishes and known for its oversized cocktails, Raymes Steak and Fish House is worth the experience.

NWB Next Wiskey Bar
4732 Main Street
Lisle, IL 60532

Love to sample bourbon? NWB has a great selection and outdoor seating in the heart of downtown Lisle. They boast pub food in a casual setting that is family friendly. Stop by and enjoy.

The Bavarian Lodge
1800 Ogden Ave.
Lisle, IL 60532

Who doesn’t love a German Lodge for lunch or supper? Never tried it? Then give it a shot. Located on Ogden Avenue in Lisle, The Bavarian Lodge offers German dishes and a great craft beer selection in a German Lodge environment.

Local Resources for Lisle, Illinois

Lisle Police Department
5040 Lincoln Avenue
Lisle, IL 60532

Lisle Fire Department
Administrative Headquarters
1005 School Street
Lisle, IL 60532

Lisle Public Library
777 Front Street
Lisle, IOL 60532

Lisle City Hall
925 Burlington Ave.
Lisle, IL 60532

Lisle Chamber of Commerce
925 Burlington Ave.
Lisle, IL 60532

Lisle School District
Lisle is located in School District 202. A small portion of Lisle is within the Naperville School District, District 203. Middle Schools for the community include Kennedy Junior High School, Lisle Junior High School, and Joan of Arc. Most high school aged kids in Lisle attend Lisle High School.

Colleges and Universities

Benedictine University
5700 College Road
Lisle, IL 60532

Benedictine University is a private Catholic university in Lisle, Illinois. The university was founded in 1887 and is one of Lisle’s biggest employers.

National Louis University
850 Warrenville Road
Lisle, IL 60532

National Louis University is one of the oldest and most progressive universities in the Chicago area. The university offers more than 60 undergraduate and graduate programs.

Transportation Information

The Metra Station is conveniently located near downtown and Lisle’s proximity to major highways make commuting from Lisle easy and convenient.

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Lisle, Illinois Local Guide
Learn about Lisle, Illinois and The Kryder Law Group.

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