Car Accident Property Damage How-to Guide: Can They Fix My Car with Used Parts?

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Welcome to our video series, Car Accident Property Damage: How-to Guide. Prepared by Andrew Kryder, Chicago car accident attorney and founding partner of The Kryder Law Group, LLC Accident and Injury Lawyers. This series provides a comprehensive guide for those dealing with an insurance company for their vehicle damage following a non-injury car accident.

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These videos will give you tips and step-by-step procedures on how to manage your auto insurance claim independently. Gain insights and answers to your questions on dealing with the aftermath of an auto accident, from filing claims to settling with insurance companies and making vehicle repairs.

Used Parts in Repairs for a Property Damage Claim

“Some people get a little bit worried that the mechanic might be using used parts to fix their car,” Andy begins as he answers this question.

He offers insights into what car owners can expect when they work with a repair shop regarding using OEM parts (original equipment manufacturer) as replacement parts when they have their car repaired.

Vehicle Repair Using Non-OEM Parts

Can They Fix My Car with Used Parts InfographicAndy sets the stage: “You set up your claim, you’ve documented it, and now the mechanic is starting to do the repairs.” People ask, “Can they fix my car with used parts?”

“The reality is,” he answers, “they are allowed to do that.”

“Here’s why: remember the conversation we had about what insurance is and what it’s designed to do? Insurance is designed to restore you to the same financial position you were in before the accident.”

“Your car was used before this accident happened,” Andy reasons. “Even if it was brand new and you drove it off the lot—it’s still a used car at that point—so they’re allowed to use used parts to fix your used car.”

It’s basically restoring your property to the same economic value that it was before the accident happened.

Can a Body Shop Repair a Damaged Vehicle With Recycled Parts?

Andy summarizes, “A lot of clients will ask, ‘Can they do that? Can they use used parts to fix my car?’ ”

The answer is: YES. The insurance company is allowed to use mechanics with repair estimates that utilize used car parts.

Mechanic on laptop assess badly damaged car
Car Accident Property Damage How-to Guide: Can They Fix My Car with Used Parts?
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