Car Accident Property Damage How-to Guide: How Does Rental Car Coverage Work?

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Andrew Kryder, Chicago car accident attorney and founding partner of The Kryder Law Group, LLC Accident and Injury Lawyers, has created this comprehensive video series, Car Accident Property Damage: How-to Guide.

This invaluable resource is designed to assist individuals who have experienced vehicle damage in a non-injury car accident, providing them with step-by-step help to file a claim.

This section, in particular, will delve into rental car coverage: how it functions, how to negotiate with insurance providers to pay rental costs, and how a rental car company can help you after an accident occurred.

Rental Reimbursement Coverage

Do I Have Rental Car Coverage after a Car Wreck- Infographic

Andy begins, “After an accident, many people wonder if they’re entitled to a rental car. The answer is not always so cut and dry.”

“Sometimes yes. Sometimes no. Sometimes it’s only for a certain period of time. You’ve really got to look at the auto insurance policy you’re dealing with to determine [what rental car reimbursement coverage is].”

Using Your Own Insurance Company to Cover Rental Car Fees

“Now, we’ve talked a lot about a plan B,” he continues, “making sure that you set up a claim with your own insurance [agent], and this is one reason why.”

“If the at-fault person didn’t have rental car coverage [in their auto insurance policy], you want to be looking at your own policy to see if there’s coverage there.”

Again, Andy emphasizes, “We all live busy lives and we need transportation, so if the at-fault [insurer] isn’t going to provide a rental car, you may need to look to your own [insurance policies].”

Rental Car Insurance Company Coverage Limits

“Now here’s a couple of pointers,” he continues. “Sometimes the rental car coverage is for a certain number of days, sometimes it might be for a certain dollar amount.”

“If it’s for a certain dollar amount, you might be able to stretch that coverage a little bit further by getting a cheaper rental car so it’s less per day and then you can stretch it out longer.”

When Rental Car Insurance Coverage Ends

Andy gives you a couple of warnings: “if your car is a total loss, the moment the insurance company gives you the check for your car . . . sometimes the rental car [coverage]—it’s over.”

“In other words, they’ve given you money for your car, now it’s your job to go out [and buy a replacement vehicle]. Sometimes you can work with the insurance company [to get an extended period of a few extra days with a rental vehicle], but it’s not going to be indefinite.”

Know When the Insurance Company Will No Longer Pay for Your Rental Fees

Another caution from Andy: “Be careful! Make sure you understand how long you have rental coverage for; you don’t want to be in the car too long and then realize that it’s not being covered and you [need to pay for renting the car] out of pocket.”

“Make sure you understand how much rental car coverage you have—if you have it—and don’t go over it unless you’re prepared to be financially responsible for the cost of the extra days.”

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Car Accident Property Damage How-to Guide: How Does Rental Car Coverage Work?

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