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Andrew Kryder, the founding partner of The Kryder Law Group, LLC Accident and Injury Lawyers, is an experienced Chicago car accident attorney. Leveraging successful track record in the field, he has created a valuable video series titled Car Accident Property Damage: How-to Guide.

This series is a resource for people whose vehicles have been damaged in non-injury car accidents. Andrew Kryder gives detailed advice for the owner of the damaged vehicle to manage the process of repairing or replacing their vehicle. The guide particularly focuses on how to avoid additional financial burdens, such as tow yard storage fees, which can escalate quickly if not managed carefully.

After a car accident, a car towed to a storage yard or impound lot by a tow truck is stored while awaiting inspection, repair, or towing to a salvage yard. In addition to towing fees, the tow company will assess storage fees, adding to the financial burden of an already stressful situation.

In this segment of our comprehensive guide, we will outline practical steps you can take to avoid or minimize these storage fees.

How to Avoid Storage Fees from the Towing Company

How to Avoid Storage Fees from the Towing Company Infographic

“If your car was towed from the scene of an accident to a tow yard,” Andy begins, “this is information you must know!”

“Every day your car sits at that tow yard, there are storage fees and costs being assessed, and if you’re not careful, you’re going to end up being responsible for them.”

Notify the Insurance Company of the Storage Site

“As soon as you are able, notify the at-fault insurance company where your car is so that they can take over responsibility [to pay] for those charges.”

“If you don’t,” he continues, “they’re going to try to sidestep those charges and put them on to you. The reality is: if you don’t let them know where the car is, you might be responsible for those charges.”

So, as soon as possible, notify the car insurance company so that they can remove the vehicle to avoid a larger storage fee, or they can otherwise make arrangements so you’re not responsible for paying the additional cost.

I’ve seen situations, Andy warns, “where cars stay at a storage facility for days and weeks and, before you know it, there’s thousands of dollars in fees and costs associated with [storing your car].”

Be Sure the Insurance Company Knows Where to Get Your Car

“Make sure the at-fault insurance [company] knows where the car is,” Andy concludes, “and make sure they know it’s their responsibility to make arrangements” for storage services and paying storage fees so you don’t have to.

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Car Accident Property Damage How-to Guide: How to Avoid Tow Yard Storage Fees
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