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Hazing and Bullying

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Home » Blog » Hazing and Bullying
August 12, 2019

Signs of a Dangerous Sisterhood: College Sorority Hazing

Every August, groups of parents prepare to take their daughters to college with hopes for their success, prayers for their safety, and fears for their well-being. In most cases, their fears are unfounded and the proud parents see their daughters flourish in college. But what happens when those fears are [...]
Home » Blog » Hazing and Bullying
August 07, 2019

Greek Organizations Held Liable in Hazing Death

With the start of a new school year right around the corner, many nervous parents and their excited college-bound children are making final preparations for the exciting new adventure of college life.  Many parents will try to run through checklists with their teenager. “You need to do your laundry. Do [...]
Home » Blog » Hazing and Bullying
August 02, 2019

Resources to Prevent Hazing and Bullying: What Parents Should Know

What you should know about hazing and bullying before your child is back on campus: hazing resources for parents. It’s already back-to-school season: High school pre-season sports practice is in full swing and in just a few weeks, colleges and universities will be welcoming new and returning students to campus. [...]