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When parents welcome a new child, they are filled with joy and excitement to watch their newborn grow and thrive. Unfortunately for some families, this excitement can quickly turn into fear and uncertainty when their child is diagnosed with cerebral palsy. This is a neurological disorder that affects movement and muscle coordination, often caused by brain damage during pregnancy, birth, or shortly after birth.

As parents of a child with cerebral palsy in Chicago, it’s important to understand your legal rights and seek the support of a skilled birth injury lawyer. A Chicago cerebral palsy lawyer can help you pursue justice and compensation for your child’s condition, as well as provide guidance and support throughout the legal process.

What Is Cerebral Palsy?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, defines cerebral palsy (CP) as a condition that affects muscle tone, movement, and motor skills. According to the Cerebral Palsy Alliance Research Foundation (CPARF), about 1 million people of all ages have cerebral palsy in the U.S. The disorder can present itself differently in each individual and may range from mild to severe. Some individuals with cerebral palsy may only experience minor impairments, while others may require ongoing medical care and assistance with daily activities.

Causes and Symptoms of Cerebral Palsy

The causes of cerebral palsy can vary and may be due to a combination of factors such as:

  • genetics,
  • problems with the placenta or umbilical cord,
  • exposure to toxins during pregnancy,
  • problems with the baby’s developing brain or a brain injury,
  • infections during pregnancy, or
  • birth injuries.

According to the Mayo Clinic, common risk factors for cerebral palsy include premature birth, low birth weight, and maternal health issues.

Symptoms of CP

Symptoms of cerebral palsy can also vary depending on the severity and type of the disorder. Common symptoms include:

  • difficulty with movement and muscle coordination;
  • problems with speech and communication;
  • vision and hearing impairments, as well as;
  • intellectual disabilities

Early cerebral palsy diagnosis and intervention are crucial for managing symptoms and improving overall quality of life for individuals with cerebral palsy.

Types of Cerebral Palsy

There are four main types of cerebral palsy, categorized based on the type of movement disorder:

  • Spastic cerebral palsy – Spastic cerebral palsy is the most common type, characterized by stiff and jerky movements.
  • Dyskinetic (Athetoid) cerebral palsy – This type affects muscle tone and coordination, causing difficulty controlling body movements.
  • Ataxic cerebral palsy – This is a rare type and affects balance and coordination.
  • Mixed cerebral palsy – This type combines symptoms of the other three types.

Age-Specific Signs of CP

If you notice any of these age-specific signs in your child, it’s important to seek medical attention and discuss potential concerns with a healthcare provider. Early intervention and treatment can make a significant difference in managing your child’s cerebral palsy symptoms and improving quality of life for individuals with cerebral palsy.

Signs in Infants Younger than 6 Months Old

Infants less than six months old may have these early signs or developmental delays:

  • Unable to hold up their head when picked up from lying on their back
  • The infant may feel stiff or floppy
  • When picked up, their legs get stiff or their legs may cross
  • When held, the infant may overextend their neck and back

Signs in Infants Over 6 Months Old

Infants over six months may show signs that they:

  • Can’t roll over
  • Can’t bring their hands to their mouth
  • Struggle to bring their hands together
  • Reach out with only one hand and hold the other hand in a fist

Signs in Infants Over 10 Months Old

Infants over ten months of age may show signs of abnormal development and the child’s symptoms may include:

  • Lopsided crawling where they push with one hand and leg while dragging the opposite hand and leg
  • They do not crawl on all fours and instead scoot around on their buttocks or hop on their knees
  • They cannot stand even when holding onto something for support

Can Cerebral Palsy Be the Result of Medical Negligence?

In some cases, negligence by medical professionals during pregnancy or birth can also lead to cerebral palsy. This can include failure to monitor fetal distress, delayed delivery, birth injury from improper use of forceps or vacuum extractors, and other errors and birth injuries that result in oxygen deprivation to the baby’s brain.

Examples of Medical Negligence that Causes CP

Examples of Medical Negligence That Causes Cerebral Palsy

There are numerous ways in which medical negligence can contribute to the development of cerebral palsy in children, including:

  • Neglecting the adequate monitoring of both the mother and baby throughout pregnancy
  • Neglecting to identify and address a maternal infection during pregnancy
  • Not effectively managing a high-risk pregnancy
  • Failure to identify and address issues concerning the placenta or umbilical cord
  • Failing to promptly deliver the baby when signs of distress are present
  • Failure to effectively handle labor and delivery
  • Applying excessive force during delivery that leads to brain damage
  • Performing errors during a cesarean section delivery

When your child receives a diagnosis of cerebral palsy, it’s crucial to recognize that there may not be a single cause. In certain instances, this condition can be attributed to a combination of factors.

Getting Legal Help for Your Cerebral Palsy Case

In these cerebral palsy cases, a Chicago cerebral palsy lawyer can help families pursue legal action and seek compensation for the damages caused by the healthcare provider’s negligence. This may include medical expenses, ongoing care and treatment, lost wages due to caregiving responsibilities, and pain and suffering.

If you are concerned that medical malpractice or negligence played a role in your child’s cerebral palsy diagnosis, we are here to assist you. The Kryder Law Group, LLC Accident and Injury Lawyers will conduct a comprehensive investigation into your case and build a compelling argument to seek fair compensation.

How Cerebral Palsy Lawyers in Chicago Can Assist You

A cerebral palsy lawyer in Chicago can help you navigate the legal process, including:

  • Evaluating your case and counseling you of your rights and options
  • Negotiating with insurance companies and other involved parties on your behalf
  • Gathering evidence and building a strong case for compensation
  • Representing you in court, if necessary
  • Providing compassionate support and guidance throughout the legal process

Seeking Compensation for Cerebral Palsy Damages

In medical malpractice lawsuits involving cerebral palsy cases, families may be eligible to seek compensation for damages related to:

  • Medical expenses (including past and future costs)
  • Ongoing care and treatment (such as physical therapy, speech therapy, and assistive devices)
  • Lost wages (for caregivers who have had to reduce work hours or leave their job entirely)
  • Pain and suffering for the child and family
  • Other related damages

Families of children that suffer cerebral palsy deserve justice, and our team at The Kryder Law Group, LLC Accident and Injury Lawyers is dedicated to fighting for their rights. Contact our law firm today to schedule a free consultation and learn more about how we can help you seek fair compensation.

Examples of Future Medical Care for a Child with CP

Chicago Cerebral Palsy Lawyer Infographic

Children with cerebral palsy often require ongoing medical care and treatment, which can include:

  • Physical therapy to improve muscle strength and flexibility
  • Occupational therapy to develop daily living skills
  • Speech therapy to address speech and communication difficulties
  • Medications to manage symptoms such as seizures or muscle spasms
  • Assistive devices and technology to help with mobility and daily tasks
  • Surgery to address issues such as contractures (tightening of muscles) or scoliosis (curvature of the spine)
  • Counseling or behavioral therapy to address emotional and social challenges

Cerebral palsy is a complex condition that can greatly impact a child’s life, as well as their family’s. Early identification and intervention are key in managing symptoms and improving long-term outcomes after you or your child develop cerebral palsy. Families who believe their child’s cerebral palsy may have been caused by medical negligence should seek legal assistance to pursue justice and compensation for damages.

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If you believe your child’s cerebral palsy may have been caused by medical negligence, contact our experienced team of cerebral palsy attorneys at The Kryder Law Group, LLC Accident and Injury Lawyers today. We are dedicated to fighting for justice and fair compensation for families affected by this condition.

Chicago Cerebral Palsy Lawyer
A Chicago cerebral palsy lawyer can help you pursue justice and compensation for your child's condition, as well as provide guidance and support throughout the legal process.
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