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Even with all the benefits of modern medical science and technology, there are still many things medical professionals do not know about exactly how the brain works. Unfortunately, this means that when someone suffers a traumatic brain injury (TBI) through an accident caused by another person’s misconduct, there is not always much that those medical professionals can do to repair or even alleviate the severity of the damage.

In a situation like this, demanding fair financial recovery could be vital to mitigating the negative impacts this injury has on your life and preserving your best interests in the long term. From start to finish of your lawsuit or settlement demand, your dedicated Elk Grove Village traumatic brain injury lawyer could provide the custom-tailored support you need to obtain the compensation you deserve. Reach out to the capable catastrophic injury attorneys at The Kryder Law Group today to get started.

Establishing Fault for a Traumatic Brain Injury

Traumatic brain damage can result from numerous types of accidents and, accordingly, from multiple forms of legally actionable negligence. In general, though, these types of injuries tend to stem from:

Whatever circumstances lead to you or a family member suffering head trauma, the most important thing when filing a lawsuit over that injury is whether it was caused by someone else’s “negligence.” Holding someone liable for a TBI requires proving that:

  • They had a duty to act responsibly under specific circumstances
  • They failed to meet this duty and instead acted recklessly or carelessly
  • Their reckless or careless act was the primary cause of the accident, which in turn was the primary cause of the TBI

Support from a seasoned Elk Grove Village traumatic brain injury attorney could be essential to demonstrating this.

Recovering for Past and Future Effects of a TBI

Even mild TBIs can have effects that may last for months and cause numerous physical and financial losses, including:

  • Missed work wages
  • Numerous medical bills
  • Personal property damage

In more serious situations, it may be necessary to demand compensation for losses that will last for years or decades to come, including:

  • Lost consortium
  • Physical pain and discomfort
  • Emotional anguish and suffering
  • Permanent loss of working capacity
  • Lost overall quality or enjoyment of life
  • Expected future medical expenses, including costs of physical therapy and assistive equipment
  • Costs of home and vehicle modifications to account for disability, as well as in-home care if necessary

Even if a TBI in Elk Grove Village will have permanent repercussions, though, you generally only have two years after sustaining that injury—in accordance with 735 Illinois Compiled Statutes § 5/13-202—to either file suit yourself or get help from one of our qualified catastrophic injury lawyers.

Contact an Elk Grove Village Traumatic Brain Injury Attorney for Assistance

No matter how it happened or who specifically is to blame, suffering traumatic brain damage is almost always a life-altering experience. When you are only dealing with this type of injury because of another person’s misconduct, they should be the ones to pay for all your short-term and long-term losses.

An Elk Grove Village traumatic brain injury lawyer at The Kryder Law Group could stand by your side through each stage of your legal proceedings, working tenaciously to get you paid fairly. Call today to learn more.

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