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The decision to hire legal counsel is yours to make. You do not need an attorney for a motorcycle accident. You can pursue an insurance claim or a personal injury lawsuit without help. However, there are substantial risks when you represent yourself. 

You deserve justice and fair compensation after a motorcycle accident, and an attorney can help you achieve that while you focus on your recovery. Discussing your options with a motorcycle accident lawyer could be in your best interests.

An Attorney Could Investigate the Facts of Your Accident

One of the major benefits of hiring an attorney is that they thoroughly investigate your motorcycle accident. The investigation is important for several reasons. One of the first steps your attorney could take is identifying the at-fault party in your case. In some situations, more than one person or entity may be responsible for causing your accident. 

Liability issues are not always immediately clear, so your attorney’s investigation might turn up potential defendants you did not consider.

The investigation could also allow your attorney to develop a theory of negligence. From faulty bike parts to careless drivers, there are countless factors that could result in a collision. Your attorney could evaluate these factors to build your case against the responsible party. 

Allowing Your Attorney to Compile Your Records and Evidence Could Save You Time

There are numerous documents needed to build a winning personal injury lawsuit. To recover damages for your medical expenses, you will need your medical records and bills. In some cases, this could require obtaining records from multiple providers or medical facilities. 

This process is important, but it is also time-consuming. If you are still healing from the injuries sustained in your motorcycle accident, taking the time to collect these documents could take away from your physical recovery. 

An attorney could save you the time and effort that goes into compiling this evidence yourself. This means fewer calls to hospitals following up on records and statements. You could use this time to focus on your physical health while your attorney builds the strongest case possible. 

Your Lawyer Could Deal with the Insurance Company on Your Behalf

Dealing with insurance companies is one of the least pleasant aspects of a motorcycle accident case. These interactions are often more than an inconvenience, as a discussion with the insurance adjuster could put your case at risk. 

Insurance adjusters are trained to look for excuses to deny valid claims. If you say something to them that could be taken out of context, an adjuster is likely to use it against you. This could include implying that you admitted fault in the accident when that is not the case. 

The best way to avoid these pitfalls is by relying on an attorney. Your attorney could handle all communication with the insurance company, allowing you to avoid giving a statement to them at all. Your attorney can also manage communications with the other party and their attorney, so you do not have to deal with them.

An Attorney Could Help You Understand What to Expect from Your Case

If you have never filed a motorcycle accident claim or lawsuit before, the process of pursuing compensation for your injuries might be unfamiliar. This unfamiliarity could put you at a significant disadvantage if the other party is represented by legal counsel. 

Your Attorney Can Determine What a Just Settlement Will Look Like for You

Context is important for many aspects of a personal injury case. On its surface, it can be difficult to evaluate whether a settlement offer is reasonable or not. 

It is helpful to understand what similar cases have settled for previously or to understand whether a settlement is likely to cover the full amount of your accident-related expenses in the future. Filing a lawsuit may be the best route for your case, and an attorney can handle that as well.

The experience of an attorney could be useful in these situations. Your attorney could provide you with insight into how specific judges operate or what might constitute a standard settlement offer. Relying on their guidance could help you make the important decisions that come with a personal injury case. 

Learn About How Our Attorneys Can Help During a Free Consultation

Only you can answer the question of whether you need an attorney after a motorcycle accident. There is little doubt, however, that an attorney could help you get the financial recovery you are entitled to. The good news is that you can learn more about how our attorneys can assist you when you call for a cost-free consultation.

Our team is prepared to help you after your accident with personalized legal care while you worry about getting better. To learn about your legal options, call (312) 598-0982 for a free case evaluation today with a compassionate team member.

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