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There is no specific duration for the time it takes to settle a Chicago car accident case. Each case is different. The time taken will depend on the nature of your case and the number of vehicles involved. If your claim is complex and requires a lot of investigating, you may need to wait longer to get compensation.

We can likely estimate how long it will take to settle your case. We will discuss with you how various factors affect the process, as well as the procedure for determining liability. We will also mention the damages you can recover after such a crash.

Liability in a Chicago Car Accident Case

Determining liability can shorten or lengthen the settlement process after a Chicago car accident. This is because your case requires time to investigate all events that led to the crash. Further, you will need to evaluate how the negligence of another party contributed to the collision.

While most car accidents happen due to one driver’s negligence, some may occur due to the failure of multiple parties to observe safety precautions. For example, you may be driving beyond the speed limit and then collide with a motorist under the influence of drugs. If there is shared liability in a car accident, you might need more time to determine the percentage of fault.

Car accident cases with clear indicators of liability often take less time to settle. Hence, if police reports clearly show that the negligence of another party led to the crash, you may not have to wait long to get your settlement. In most instances, such a case can take about three to six months.

Will Going to Trial Affect the Duration of My Case?

Yes. Taking your Chicago car accident case to court can affect the time it takes to get a financial award. While this move can help you get the compensation you deserve, it is always best to seek legal guidance before filing a lawsuit.

When considering a lawsuit for a Chicago auto accident, ensure you have enough evidence. This way, you can prove liability within a shorter time and may get a recovery sooner. Having adequate proof will also lower the chances of the court dismissing your case. A lawyer with our firm can help you gather evidence that favors your case.

The Damages You Can Recover After a Chicago Car Accident

When claiming compensation for a Chicago car accident, you can include various damages depending on how the crash affected your life. You will likely seek compensation for the cost of treating all your physical injuries.

If you had to stop working for a specific amount of time, you may seek reimbursement for lost income. Other damages you may recover with a car accident settlement are:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Cost of replacing a totaled car
  • Cost of repairing vehicle damages
  • Expenses for buying assistive medical devices
  • Cost of renovating your property due to a disability

A car crash can lead to disfigurement or a disability that lowers your quality of life. For example, you may have to undergo an amputation that prevents you from engaging in sports. When you suffer such injuries, you can assign a monetary value for the loss of life quality and include it in your claim.

How the Severity of a Car Crash Can Affect the Duration of Your Case

Car collisions can lead to either minor or severe injuries depending on their impact. Some crashes can also cause fatalities immediately or after hospitalization. Since accidents resulting in severe injuries or wrongful death warrant significant compensation for victims or family members, they often take longer to resolve.

Suffering car crash injuries like whiplash may have long-term health effects and require rehabilitative care. You may also need to use medication for an extended period and buy assistive devices to enhance mobility.

Processing claims for such injuries can take a while. This aspect is because your doctor will need to conduct different tests to determine your future treatment needs and costs. You may also have to wait until you recover to ensure you claim the proper compensation for medical expenses.

Reach Out to The Kryder Law Group, LLC for Help with a Cook County Car Accident Case

Getting legal guidance from a car accident lawyer when processing a car accident claim in Chicago can benefit you in several ways. Not only will you be able to focus on your recovery more, we know how to handle injury cases. We fight for the settlement you deserve and don’t back down.

At The Kryder Law Group, LLC, we help victims of car crashes seek justice for injuries and damages sustained. Our attorneys will collect the required evidence and use it to prove liability. They will assess all your damages to ensure you are claiming a fair amount. Contact The Kryder Law Group, LLC today at (312) 223-1700 to start the process of filing for compensation.

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