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You may want to know how many MPH can you go over the speed limit in Chicago and not be ticketed for speeding violations. There is a misconception that as long as drivers stay within five miles per hour (mph) of speed limits, they are within the law. This is not true.

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What Is Considered Speeding in Chicago?

In Chicago, speeding is legally defined as driving at a speed that exceeds the posted maximum speed limit. Irrespective of the speed of the vehicle ahead, even 1 mph over the posted limit is technically a violation and can result in a citation.

What Are the Two Automated Enforcement Programs in Chicago?

Chicago Automated Speed Enforcement Programs

Chicago employs two automated enforcement measures to deter speeding vehicles: the Red Light Camera Program and the Automated Speed Enforcement Program.

These systems automatically document violations through camera technology, sending citations to offenders.

The Red Light Camera Program

The Red Light Camera Program in Chicago is designed to improve road safety by deterring red-light violations. Implemented widely, red light cameras significantly reduce hazardous and reckless driving while at intersections.

The Automated Speed Enforcement Program

The Children’s Safety Zone Program, Chicago’s official speed enforcement initiative, is designed to safeguard children and other pedestrians with speed limit enforcement in school and park zones.

Safety zones are designated within an eighth of a mile from Chicago parks or schools. Chicago speed camera tickets start at 6 MPH over the speed limit during hours of enforcement.

According to the City of Chicago, 2021 data reveals a 14.4% speed reduction near cameras, from 25.29 mph to 21.65 mph post-installation.

Where are the speed cameras located?

There are also traffic signs and pavement markings in automated speed camera zones. The Chicago Department of Transportation publishes a Chicago Traffic Tracker that allows you to see where the speed cameras are located.

When Are the Automated Speed Enforcement Cameras Activated?

The hours and locations where these speed cameras operate are:

  • School zone enforcement hours are 7AM to 7PM on school days, Monday-Friday.
  • From 7AM to 4PM the speed limit is 20 MPH when children are present.
    • When no children are present, the posted speed limit is in effect.
    • 7AM to 7PM the posted speed limit is in effect.
  • Park zone enforcement is limited to the park opening hours, which are typically 6AM to 11PM seven days per week.

What Are the Fines for a Speeding Violation?

How Many MPH Can You Go Over the Speed Limit Infographic

The fine is $35 for drivers caught speeding 6-10 MPH over absolute speed limits within a Children’s Safety Zone.

The fine is $100 if the recorded vehicle speed is 11 or more MPH over the applicable speed limit.

If I Receive an Automated Speed Enforcement Citation, Can I See the Video?

Yes, both digital video and still photographs will be made available to the registered vehicle owner. The recorded speed will also be made available.

Visit the City of Chicago website and have your ticket number and license plate number handy.

What Defenses Are There to Speed Camera Tickets?

There are several defenses to an alleged camera speeding ticket:

  • The respondent was not the owner or lessee of the cited vehicle
  • The cited vehicle or its license plates were stolen
  • The facts alleged in the speeding violation notice are inconsistent
  • The vehicle was an authorized emergency vehicle

How is a Speed Camera Ticket Different from a Ticket Given by a Police Officer?

In Chicago, a ticket from a speed camera differs from a citation from a law enforcement officer, for example, on interstate highways. Unlike a ticket from police officers, it is deemed non-moving, meaning no points are assessed against your driver’s license and it does not affect your driving record with your insurance carrier.

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