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A slip and fall is a personal injury that may entitle you to compensation if the property owner was negligent. You may be able to recover several types of damages, such as your medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

A slip and fall injury is a sudden shock that may require a long recovery. Your potential need for extensive medical care may surpass your financial resources. Seeking financial compensation by filing a claim and lawsuit may help protect your future medical needs.

A trip to a store or restaurant should not lead to lifechanging injuries. If this happened to you, legal options exist, and a personal injury lawyer may be able to help you through this challenging time.

How Negligence Plays a Role in Slip and Fall Accidents

Slip and fall accidents are a form of premises liability, as defined in Illinois’ Premises Liability Act (749 ILCS 130/). When a property owner invites you to their property, and you accept the invitation, you may expect the conditions to be safe.

The true tragedy of slip and fall accidents is that most are preventable. A property owner who fails to make repairs to a known safety issue or who fails to warn others of potential harm may be held liable for injuries.

Examples of conditions where a property owner may face liability for injuries include:

  • A staircase with no handrailing
  • A wet floor from an existing roof leak
  • Torn, worn, or otherwise unsafe carpet
  • Wires or cords across floors
  • A parking lot with poor lighting

A property owner who knows of a potential hazard yet chooses not to fix it due to laziness or a desire to save money may be held accountable for injuries suffered by guests. Some slip and fall cases may involve more than one liable party.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), falls are a leading cause of traumatic brain injuries (TBIs). Depending upon the severity of your injury, you may require medical and personal care throughout your lifetime.

You do not accept an invitation to a sale or special event expecting to get seriously injured. If you suffered an injury that impacted your life, it is advised that you collect evidence and seek legal representation.

Incident Reports

One of the key pieces of evidence for a slip and fall accident is an incident report. If your slip and fall accident happened in a store, restaurant, or other similar location, there might be an incident report on file.

Many store managers require documentation of the accident for their records. Police rarely respond to slip and fall accidents, which makes the store incident report valuable evidence for your case.

Other types of evidence that may be helpful for proving liability include photos of what caused your fall and contact information for witnesses.

Limiting what you say after your accident is also important for your case. Discuss your case with your legal representative and your injuries with your doctor. Do not accept blame for your slip and fall, and do not talk with insurance company representatives.

Our Law Firm May Protect Your Personal Interests

A slip and fall is a personal injury that may lead to civil litigation. You should not have to pay for medical expenses that resulted from a negligent property owner.

At the Kryder Law Group, LLC, we aggressively fight for the compensation you are entitled to. If necessary, we are ready to go to trial. We fight for accident victims’ rights and treat all our clients with respect and compassion.

The statute of limitations is a state law that regulates the timeline for pursuing civil litigation. If the time for filing your case passes, you may be barred from ever pursuing compensation.

To protect your personal interests, we advise that you contact us as soon as possible. Our team needs time to consider all pieces of evidence and to negotiate with insurance companies.

When you suffer a serious injury, time may pass in a blur. You may lose track of what day it is or the date of your next doctor’s appointment. The slip and fall injury legal team at the Kryder Law Group, LLC, can keep track of deadlines and the details of your case. Recovering from your serious accident requires your full attention.

You may have rights concerning civil action against the liable party if you experienced serious injuries in a slip and fall accident due to a negligent property owner.

You do not have to bear this burden alone. Let us help you by reaching out to us today. We offer a free case evaluation, so call the Kryder Law Group, LLC, now.

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