What Are the Main Causes of Work Comp Accidents?

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Meet Andrew S. Kryder, Esq., the founding partner of The Kryder Law Group, LLC, Accident and Injury Lawyers. Andy brings decades of experience representing workers who suffered some of the most common workplace injuries in Chicago and across Illinois.

Known for making complex legal issues understandable, Andy answers the question, “What are the main causes of workers’ compensation accidents?” in this video. Workers with dangerous jobs, like in construction or driving for a living, often suffer occupational injuries due to the nature of their work.

Andy’s law firm provides legal representation for clients who have experienced a workplace injury. Whether their serious work-related injuries are head and spinal cord injuries, or repetitive stress injuries—carpal tunnel syndrome—or they suffered motor vehicle accidents or other injuries sustained while performing their duties, they may be eligible to file workers’ compensation claims. Workers’ comp benefits include benefits for medical treatment, lost wages, and more.

The Most Common Causes of Workers’ Compensation Accidents in Illinois

Andy begins, “Many people ask, ‘What are common examples of workers’ compensation cases?'”

“Well, the reality is: many people have dangerous jobs, or they do work that exposes them to risk serious injury.”

What Kinds of Workers Commonly Suffer a Work-Related Injury?

He goes on to say, “We frequently see workers’ compensation cases from construction sites where people are injured, or maybe someone is using or operating equipment in the course of their employment.”

“But also, we see delivery drivers getting hurt in auto accidents, or maybe they’re lifting, bending, twisting—all of these things can give rise to a workers’ compensation claim.”

When Is an Injured Worker Eligible for Workers’ Compensation Benefits?

When Is an Injured Worker Eligible for Workers' Compensation Benefits Infographic“The key to look at,” Andy explains, “is ‘Are you doing your job as you’re supposed to, and are you doing that work in the scope of your employment?'”

“If you are, you probably have a workers’ compensation case and are entitled to benefits.”

Injured Workers Can Call Us to Discuss Their Workers’ Compensation Injuries

“If you’ve been injured at work,” he concludes, “I want to personally invite you to take advantage of our free injury compensation call.” Contact The Kryder Law Group, LLC Accident and Injury Lawyers for your free consultation.

“In that call, our firm can determine whether you have a case and whether you’re entitled to benefits.”

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What Are the Main Causes of Work Comp Accidents?

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