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Injuries that occur while visiting the property of another are sadly common. Failures by landowners to protect against temporary hazards, structural defects, or even the criminal activity of others can result in life-altering losses. These could require you to seek out extensive medical care, miss significant time at work, and make major changes to your daily routine. Therefore, whenever a landowner is responsible for an incident that results in another person’s injury, the law says that these parties must provide adequate compensation.

A Rosemont premises liability lawyer from The Kryder Law Group could help you seek out these payments. Our seasoned personal injury attorneys could gather the evidence needed to prove a landowner’s fault for your injury and demand a fair damages award, all while you concentrate on making your best physical recovery.

What Are Premises Liability Cases?

The concept of premises liability covers the idea that landowners have an obligation to protect guests from injuries. The exact sources of these injuries can come from many different situations. A classic example is a slip and fall. Here, the landowner has an obligation to prevent accidental harm that may result from a temporary hazard.

However, premises liability cases involve more than just this simple example. Property owners must also be sure that their land is generally safe. This includes ensuring the land does not contain hidden dangers, like broken stairs. A property owner that allows an injury to happen because of these defects is just as liable as one that allows an incident due to a temporary hazard.

In some cases, a landowner may even be jointly responsible for the actions of third parties. For example, suppose someone causes another person harm through an intentional act of violence. In that case, the law says that a property owner may share the blame if they did not provide a safe location for the victim. Examples of this include:

  • Gas stations without proper lighting
  • Apartment complexes without adequate locks
  • Bars that do not employ enough security

A proactive Rosemont premises liability attorney could explore the source of your losses and connect a landowner’s failure to keep you safe to your injuries.

Proving a Landowner’s Responsibility for an Injury

Living in Rosemont and the surrounding areas brings many advantages under the state’s laws. Among these is 740 ILCS 130/2, which simplifies many premises liability cases. This statute says that landowners have the same responsibility to act reasonably to protect invited guests on their land regardless of the type of land or your reasons for being there. This is different from other states that may limit the rights of invited visitors.

As a result, many premises liability cases center around evaluating the actions of landowners leading up to an injury. A capable premises liability lawyer in Rosemont is prepared to take the lead in gathering the evidence needed to prove a landowner’s fault for an incident, which may include:

  • Witness statements
  • Security camera footage
  • Maintenance reports
  • Incident reports

Using this information, our skilled legal team aims to show that a landowner did not act reasonably in taking proper steps to prevent harm. This process can help you receive the payments you need to cover your medical bills, lost income, and other expenses.

Schedule a Consultation with a Rosemont Premises Liability Attorney

All invited guests on the property of others have the right to expect protection from potential harm. This includes landowners acting to clear temporary hazards, fix structural defects, and provide proper security measures. Failure to provide this protection that results in an injury means you can demand compensation for your losses.

A Rosemont premises liability lawyer wants to help you collect these payments. Our dedicated attorneys are prepared to take every necessary step to investigate the incident, measure your losses, and demand that at-fault property owners pay their fair share. Call The Kryder Law Group now to get started on your case.

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