Beverly Fatigued Truck Driving Accident Lawyer

If you have been seriously injured in a truck accident caused by a fatigued truck driver, you may be entitled to compensation. A Beverly fatigued truck driving accident lawyer at our truck accident law firm, The Kryder Law Group, LLC Accident and Injury Lawyers, stands ready to help.

Skilled Beverly-Chicago truck accident lawyers can help you pursue compensation for your injuries, damages, and other losses incurred as a result of the trucking accident.

What Is Fatigued Truck Driving?

Drivers for trucking companies are required to follow strict regulations regarding their hours of service, or how long they can drive without taking a break.

These regulations are put in place to prevent accidents caused by driver fatigue, which is a common issue in the trucking industry.

What Causes Truck Driver Fatigue?

Fatigue can be caused by various factors such as lack of sleep, long hours on the road, and demanding schedules. When a truck driver is fatigued, their reaction time and decision-making abilities can be impaired, increasing the risk of truck crashes.

What Federal Regulations Involve Fatigued Truck Driving?

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has regulations targetting fatigued truck driving. These include mandatory rest breaks for commercial trucks, limits on consecutive hours of driving, and electronic logging devices to track drivers’ hours.

How Serious Is the Problem of Fatigued Driving in Illinois?

The National Highway Safety Administration (NHTSA) reported that from 2017 to 2021, drowsy driving was linked to 1.8% of fatal crashes.

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) notes that research indicates that fatigue contributes to 30-40% of all heavy truck accidents.

How Our Beverly Fatigued Truck Driving Accident Lawyers Can Help

How Can a Personal Injury Lawyer Help Me After a Fatigued Truck Driver Accident in Beverly?

Our truck accident lawyers have vast experience with fatigued truck driver cases; here’s how a truck accident attorney can assist:

  • Conduct a thorough investigation: We gather evidence like police reports, eyewitness accounts, and electronic logging device data to determine driver fatigue’s role.
  • Calculate damages: Our team works with financial experts to accurately assess medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering.
  • Negotiate with insurance companies: We negotiate to ensure you receive a fair settlement.
  • Represent you in court: If negotiations fail, our trial attorneys will fight for your rights in court.

Who Can Be Held Liable in a Fatigued Truck Accident Case?

In a truck crash with severe injuries caused by driver fatigue, several parties could be held responsible. These can include:

  • the trucking company,
  • the truck driver,
  • the manufacturer of the truck if there was a defect that contributed to the accident

What Types of Compensation Might I Receive?

Truck accident victims may be able to recover compensation for:

  • Medical expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Pain and suffering
  • Property damage

Signs Of Fatigued Driving that Could Lead to Truck Accidents

Some common signs of driver fatigue that may lead to trucking accidents include:

  • Yawning and blinking frequently
  • Drifting in and out of lanes
  • Missing exits or turns
  • Difficulty focusing on the road

How Can I Avoid Fatigued Driving?

Maintaining a regular sleep schedule, taking frequent breaks, and avoiding long drives during peak sleep hours can help prevent fatigued driving.

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If you have been injured in a truck accident caused by a fatigued driver, contact a Beverly-Chicago truck accident lawyer at The Kryder Law Group, LLC Accident and Injury Lawyers. Our skilled team of truck accident attorneys will fight for your rights and help you receive the compensation you deserve.

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Beverly Fatigued Truck Driving Accident Lawyer
If you have been seriously injured in a truck accident caused by a fatigued truck driver, you may be entitled to compensation.
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