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Car accidents often happen because someone was operating their vehicle in a way that was careless or reckless. When their behaviors cause a crash, then the consequences often fall on the victim.

If you or a loved one were involved in a car accident and suffered injury or death, we can help you pursue financial damages. Call a Dolton car accident lawyer at the Kryder Law Group, LLC, today to discuss your case.

If You Were in an Auto Accident, the Liable Party May Have to Pay You Damages

Drivers are legally required to operate their vehicles in a safe way, but they do not always follow this mandate. There are several ways that a driver can put others at risk, including:

  • Speeding
  • Tailgating
  • Changing lanes without a signal
  • Carrying loose material that could be hazardous
  • Texting
  • Making phone calls
  • Eating or drinking
  • Drunk driving
  • Drugged driving
  • Crossing multiple lanes of traffic

These behaviors are the primary causes of auto accidents, and if you or a loved one was struck and injured or killed by a driver who was operating their vehicle in an unsafe manner, then you could be entitled to damages.

As our client, a Dolton car accident lawyer on our team will help you prove your case against the liable party by attempting to establish that they acted in a negligent way that led to your accident.

Proving Negligence in a Car Accident Case

Every operator of a motor vehicle has a duty to not put other drivers, passengers, and pedestrians at an unreasonable risk of harm. In order to show that the person who caused your accident put you at an unreasonable level of risk, we will attempt to prove negligence by:

  • Establishing the duty of care that all drivers in Illinois are bound by

Illinois Statutes dictate that each driver must avoid actions that place others in danger. Establishing this mandate, often referred to as the duty of care, is a fairly straightforward process.

  • Showing that the defendant violated the duty of care

We will draw on witness testimony to show that the driver operated the vehicle in some way that put others, namely you, at danger. They may have done this by texting and driving, driving erratically, or any number of other dangerous behaviors.

  • Proving that the breach of duty of care caused your injuries

If the defendant’s careless actions contributed to the wreck, and your injuries or loved one’s death resulted from the accident, then there is reason to believe that the negligent actions caused the injury.

  • Calculating and lobbying the court for damages

We will add up the losses you have endured as a result of the accident and request that the court order the defendant to compensate you for your losses.

Damages You May Be Entitled to in a Car Accident Injury Claim

If the court finds that your right to reasonable safety was violated by the defendant, or the defendant agrees to a settlement, then you may be entitled to damages covering the following as required by your injuries:

  • Emergency transportation
  • Any ER stay
  • Surgeries
  • Any long-term hospital stay or rehabilitation

You may also be entitled to the indirect losses created by the accident. These losses may include:

  • Lost wages
  • Any long-term disability that prevents you from working
  • A diminished earning capacity
  • Loss of financial protection for any dependents that rely on you
  • The inability to pursue an education

If the accident in question claimed the life of your loved one, additional damages may be in order. Wrongful death-related damages may include:

  • Medical care for the deceased resulting from the accident
  • Funeral costs
  • Loss of companionship (spouse)
  • Loss of parental guidance (children)
  • Loss of financial protection in the form of the deceased’s anticipated future wages

If you are facing recovery from serious injury or are coping with the sudden death of a loved one, you should not attempt to pursue a legal case without the help of a car accident attorney. Call our team at the Kryder Law Group, LLC, today to discuss your case.

How a Dolton Car Accident Lawyer Can Help

Our team at the Kryder Law Group, LLC, will handle the entirety of your legal case while you focus on recovery. We will help you by:

  • Coming to you in your place of recovery to discuss your case, including what happened from your perspective.
  • Speaking with medical professionals to document the extent of your injuries and how those injuries have impacted your ability to earn an income.
  • Taking photos and videos of your injuries so that the court will understand the extent of the damage even once your injuries heal.
  • Reviewing the scene of the accident and collecting any additional evidence of the damage sustained by you and your vehicle.
  • Collecting all available third-hand evidence, such as videos of the accident, photographs of the aftermath, and police reports documenting what occurred.
  • Initiating legal action and handling all legal responsibilities from start to finish.
  • Handling all correspondence with the liable party’s lawyers and the insurance company.
  • Interviewing witnesses and document testimony that the defendant was operating the vehicle in an unsafe manner before the crash.
  • Ensuring that your rights are protected throughout the entirety of the legal process.

Do Not Wait to Call a Dolton Car Crash Attorney

Whether you are bringing a personal injury or wrongful death claim, the state of Illinois typically imposes a time limit, a statute of limitations, on your ability to bring legal action in the wake of a car accident.

Do not wait, call our team at the Kryder Law Group, LLC, today to discuss your case. The sooner you call, the sooner a Dolton car accident lawyer can begin formulating your case in pursuit of financial damages.

Dolton Car Accident Lawyer
Dolton Car Accident Lawyer

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