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A workplace injury can leave you reeling. Catastrophic injuries may leave you out of work, sometimes for an indefinite period, as well as lead to ongoing complications that might affect your personal life and your professional future. Finding a way to afford expensive medical bills may seem like an insurmountable task.

After a workplace accident, you should contact an Elk Grove Village workers’ compensation lawyer to discuss your rights. A personal injury attorney at The Kryder Law Group, LLC, could assess what types of financial damages you may be able to recover and support you through the claims process.

What Workers’ Compensation Covers in Illinois

Following a workplace accident, workers’ compensation insurance covers specific damages, including all resulting medical costs. This compensation could cover the cost of emergency medical attention and ongoing care for the individual’s injury, including hospitalization, surgery, physical therapy, or durable medical equipment. In addition, workers’ compensation might provide coverage for two-thirds of their income during the recovery period. While subjective losses, such as pain and suffering, may not be available through these types of claims, an Elk Grove Village attorney could work to maximize the amount an injured employee recovers through workers’ compensation.

Overcoming Potential Challenges in Workers’ Comp Claims

Workers’ compensation should be available when anyone experiences injuries in a workplace accident. Injured workers have the right to this support regardless of who caused their accident, as long as they were appropriately within the scope of their job duties. However, insurance companies frequently try to limit their payouts and may present unexpected challenges. An Elk Grove Village lawyer has experience dealing with employers and their insurance companies and could help overcome these challenges to secure the workers’ compensation coverage someone needs.

Disputed Liability

Sometimes, workers’ compensation might dispute liability for the accident by claiming the accident did not occur at work. An employer’s insurance company might claim the injured worker contributed to their injuries or ignored their care provider’s instructions. A legal professional could gather evidence and present a compelling argument for the employer’s liability, disputing allegations a worker contributed to their own physical harm.

Pressure To Return to Work

Workers’ compensation or an individual’s employer might pressure the victim to get back to work before their doctor clears them. An injured worker might not receive the assistance or support they need to return to work, but the insurance provider might still try to convince them to return to their usual job duties.

Refusal To Cover Medical Needs

An injured employee receiving workers’ compensation coverage may have to go to a medical professional approved by their employer. Any treatment or procedure they undergo must be deemed reasonable and necessary. Unfortunately, even if someone’s doctor makes clear recommendations about the most favorable treatment path, workers’ compensation may refuse to approve coverage for it. An attorney could ensure an injured worker gets the medical care they need within the scope of their workers’ compensation coverage.

Questions About Rights

People should know about their right to compensation after an accident at work. An employee should understand what their company’s workers’ compensation program covers, how long payments could last, and what they need to prove to get support for their injuries. A workers’ compensation lawyer could review a specific workers’ compensation policy and explain a worker’s rights in detail during an initial consultation.

Contact an Elk Grove Village Workers’ Compensation Attorney

When you get hurt in a workplace accident, The Kryder Law Group could help. A dedicated legal professional could help an injured worker get the financial support they need through the workers’ compensation program.

Contact The Kryder Law Group, LLC, today to connect with an Elk Grove Village workers’ compensation lawyer and learn more about your rights following a workplace injury.

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