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Now that you have successfully applied for workers’ compensation benefits, the waiting game begins. Benefits could take 14 days or longer to be sent out. When you start receiving your weekly compensation, it is important to double-check whether you were approved for all benefits you qualify for. You do not want to be cheated out of the money you deserve and need.

This is where a skilled attorney can be a valuable ally. The Kryder Law Group could advise you on pursuing workers’ compensation benefits in Elk Grove Village and work tirelessly to protect your rights.

Various Types of Workers’ Compensation Benefits

Many employees do not understand the types of workers’ compensation they may be entitled to in the event of an accident. Some of the main ones include:

  • Benefits for healthcare needs because of the injuries
  • Short-term disability or long-term disability
  • Lifetime disability benefits
  • Benefits for recovery services such as vocational rehab
  • Survivorship benefits paid to dependent children and or spouses after a death

An Elk Grove Village attorney could review your claim and explain which workers’ compensation benefits you may be eligible to receive.

How Are Workers’ Comp Benefits Calculated?

The mathematical formulas to determine a worker’s compensation benefits are complex and tedious. Every 180 days, the Illinois Workers Compensation Commission (WCC) releases the approximate average weekly benefits injured workers typically receive in compensation payments. The average weekly amount often changes, so you must check the WCC’s website for regular updates.

An employee’s benefit amount is typically within 66 percent or two-thirds of what they made weekly within the last 52 weeks. The rate is based on a five-day workweek with weekends off. However, this has become more difficult to calculate with the rise of gig, part-time, and seasonal work. Sometimes, the WCC will determine a non-full-time worker’s salary based on similar situations of employee weekly payments.

Those with multiple jobs may be responsible for proving their work hours, rate of pay, and average payments each week before the WCC does its calculation. To accurately assess your workers’ compensation benefits, talk to a seasoned lawyer in Elk Grove Village. Our legal team has an eye for the details—we could review your benefits to ensure you receive the correct amount or file a challenge if we discover miscalculations.

You Are Not Required to Look for Alternative Work

Sometimes, workers assume that if they are injured on the job but do not suffer a debilitating injury, they must search for and secure work they can do at home. However, you should not have to find a new job while you are out of work recovering from your injuries.

Workers unable to perform a specific work role might be moved to a different position if they return to work. Disability and other worker’s compensation benefits could help make up for the loss of income if their weekly pay is reduced. Our Elk Grove Village attorneys can help pursue these workers’ compensation benefits and advise you of your rights.

Call an Elk Grove Village Lawyer to Pursue Workers’ Compensation Benefits

Workers’ compensation provides necessary relief to those who suffer injuries and illnesses on the job. Unfortunately, pursuing the benefits you deserve can be challenging, especially while recovering from a severe accident.

Our legal team is experienced in pursuing workers’ compensation benefits in Elk Grove Village and helping people in your situation move forward with their lives. Call the Kryder Law Group today to get started on your claim. 

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