Can You File a Whiplash Injury Claim Without an Attorney?

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You have the right to file a whiplash injury claim without an attorney. You are ultimately in control of your own personal injury case, and the choice to hire an attorney is yours to make. The courts will allow you to pursue a whiplash injury lawsuit without an attorney. However, serving as your own legal counsel risks associated.

Personal injury cases are complex. Whether negotiating an insurance claim or pursuing a civil lawsuit, many pitfalls could derail your financial recovery. Your car accident lawyer could help you secure a fair financial recovery while guiding you through the challenging aspects of a personal injury lawsuit.

The Risks Associated with Pursuing Your Own Case are Significant

The law might allow you to move forward with a whiplash injury case on your own, but doing so could reduce your chances of securing fair compensation for your injuries. Some of the risks associated with serving as your own attorney include:

Saying Too Much

Every time you discuss the facts of your whiplash injury case, you potentially put your recovery at risk. This is especially true when speaking with the defendant, their legal counsel, or their insurance provider. The insurance company could misconstrue your statement and use your words as an excuse to deny your claim.

The best option is to avoid speaking about your case to anyone. If you are serving as your own attorney, that is not an option, though. Any effort to resolve your case through a settlement or litigation would require communication with the other side.

Violating the Statute of Limitations

Your whiplash injury case must comply with the statute of limitations. This legal deadline could prevent you from moving forward with an injury case if you wait too long to file your lawsuit. Violating the statute of limitations is one of the major pitfalls that come with handling your own whiplash case.

Settling for Too Little

You could reach a financial settlement for your whiplash injuries without the help of an attorney. Insurance companies are likely to reach out to you with settlement offers right away. These offers are rarely adequate, though, and accepting them could leave you without the full amount needed for your recovery.

You only get one chance to resolve your claim, and settling for too little could have lasting financial consequences.

Our Firm Could Help You in Numerous Ways

There are benefits when it comes to working with our firm. Our team of attorneys will pursue a favorable outcome in your personal injury case. With our help, you could avoid the risks that often follow handling your own whiplash injury cases.

Avoiding Delays

Insurance companies are known for dragging their feet on whiplash injury claims. Their adjusters will often take their time responding to document requests or settlement offers. This is common given that the adjusters understand insurance carriers have the luxury to wait.

While you might be feeling the financial strain caused by your accident, insurance companies have ample time assets to put off settling your case. Adjusters do this in hopes that the long delay could push you to accept an unreasonably low offer. Our firm could push your case forward and file an injury lawsuit if necessary.

Full-Time Dedication to Your Whiplash Case

You have a lot going on in your life beyond your whiplash case.  Your injury case is only one of the things on your plate. Your accident case can add stress onto an already stressful life, by giving you more things to think about, like:

  • Focusing on your medical needs
  • Finding a way to return to work after

Unfortunately, splitting your attention between your whiplash case and other priorities could reduce your chances of securing fair compensation for your injuries. Our firm is focused on advocating for the injured. We are prepared to focus our efforts on securing the compensation you deserve.

Understanding of Personal Injury Law

Many complexities apply to personal injury law. Our firm has years of experience navigating the law, and we could apply that experience to your case. From complying with the statute of limitations to building a strong theory of negligence, our understanding of personal injury law could be invaluable to your case.

For instance, your lawyer could understand what happens when you’re hit by an uninsured car. The required knowledge and processes might confuse you, though.

Learn About Your Options During a Free Consultation

Although you can file a whiplash injury claim without an attorney, doing so is usually a mistake. There are numerous risks associated with serving as your own attorney, and you would be at a disadvantage compared to the defendant. The other side is likely to have legal counsel. So, pursuing your claim on your own could limit your financial recovery.

Let Kryder Law Group, LLC guide you through every step of your whiplash injury case. Call (312) 598-0982 for your free consultation.

Can You File a Whiplash Injury Claim Without an Attorney?
Can You File a Whiplash Injury Claim Without an Attorney?

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