Hoffman Estates Paralysis Injury Lawyer

Falls, car accidents, and other traumatic incidents in Hoffman Estates often leave survivors paralyzed. While the injured person may bear little or no blame for what happened, that does not spare them from being saddled with a potential lifetime of physical, emotional, and financial challenges.

A skilled Hoffman Estate paralysis injury lawyer could work to secure compensation on your behalf. Our catastrophic injury attorneys understand the challenges and expenses associated with paralysis injuries and could fight to ensure you receive the financial support you need to pay your medical bills and plan for the future. Contact The Kryder Law Group today to learn how we can help you.

Common Causes of Paralysis Injuries

A paralysis injury constitutes any form of physical trauma that disrupts the normal functioning of the central nervous system. It typically involves some degree of damage  to the brain or spinal cord. A person suffering from a paralysis injury may experience weakness or loss of sensation, movement, and function in the affected area of their body.

Paralysis injuries have several common, largely preventable causes, including:

  • Motor vehicle accidents
  • Near-drowning incidents
  • Falls from high heights or onto hard surfaces
  • Forceful impacts while engaging in recreational or athletic activity
  • Gunshot wounds and acts of violence
  • Viral or bacterial infections

This list is indicative of the many ways a person might sustain damage to their central nervous system, paralyzing them temporarily or permanently. When someone develops a paralysis injury because of another person’s reckless actions, they should speak with a Hoffman Estates attorney as soon as possible about pursuing legal action.

Liability for a Paralysis Injury

It is not always obvious from the outset who bears blame for causing a paralysis injury. In the chaotic and upsetting aftermath of an accident, survivors often unfairly blame themselves when someone else’s carelessness or misconduct played the dominant role in events leading to the trauma.

From a legal perspective, the existence of another at-fault party has significant implications. By law in Illinois, anyone—an individual, business, or entity—who causes harm to someone else through wrongful conduct may have legal and financial liability for the survivor’s losses. A liable party may have an obligation to pay for the survivor’s:

  • Medical bills and other injury-related expenses
  • Lost earnings, job opportunities, and benefits
  • Physical pain
  • Emotional suffering
  • Diminished quality of life

In cases involving extreme or egregious misconduct, the court may order a liable party to pay separate punitive damages in addition to compensatory payments. Experienced paralysis injury lawyers could help secure the financial support survivors in Hoffman Estates need to pay for medical care and lead productive, meaningful lives.

Contact a Hoffman Estates Paralysis Injury Lawyer at The Kryder Law Group Today

Survivors of paralysis injuries do not need to face the challenges inflicted on them alone. At The Kryder Law Group, we urge anyone who has experienced a paralysis injury not to assume they know who or what caused their trauma and to contact us as soon as possible for a free consultation. We could evaluate the facts of an incident with an experienced legal eye to identify a potentially liable party (or parties) survivors may have overlooked, whose questionable decisions, actions, or failures to act contributed to causing a paralyzing injury.

The knowledgeable attorneys at The Kryder Law Group have extensive experience securing compensation for survivors throughout the Chicago region. We know how to hold at-fault parties and insurance companies accountable in even the toughest of cases. Contact a skilled Hoffman Estates paralysis injury lawyer today to learn more.

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