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A car accident in the Hoffman Estates area could entitle you to compensation for your losses. The Kryder Law Group, LLC can pursue coverage of medical expenses, pain, suffering, lost income, and other damages.

Let a Hoffman Estates car accident lawyer from our firm pursue the compensation that you deserve. Do not wait to get help.

How Our Hoffman Estates Attorneys Will Make Your Car Accident Case Painless

Our team will lead your car accident case. You will not have to worry about the legal process. You simply must worry about your health and recovery. Some steps that our team takes to pursue compensation are:

Collecting Facts

We will speak with you, obtain the police report for your accident, consult witnesses, and take any other steps to gather the facts of your accident. One of our major tasks focuses on proving who and what caused your accident. This party could include a distracted driver, a drunk pedestrian, or negligent municipality.

The village website informs accident victims how to capture evidence after a Hoffman Estates accident. Our lawyers can use any photos or notes you recorded at the scene.

Determining Liability

Our team examines your negligence case. Any negligent parties who contributed to your accident may owe you awards. Other legal standards may entitle you to additional compensation.

Recording Your Losses

We will also ask you how your car accident has negatively affected your life when our personal injury team speaks with you. We may also speak with your doctors, relevant professionals and experts, and your loved ones to identify all of your losses.

Filing Your Case

Personal injury cases in Illinois generally have a two-year statute of limitations, per 735 ILCS 5/13-202. Wrongful death cases may also have a two-year limit. Though there are exceptions to these statutes, our team will file your case as soon as possible.

Helping You with Your Appointments

We are a client-focused firm, and our accident attorneys serving Hoffman Estates help with more than the legal portions of your case. Our team will ensure that you have scheduled all necessary appointments and have transportation to those appointments.

Pursuing the Awards That You Deserve

The American Bar Association (ABA) notes that settlements are often the outcome of civil cases. Our team will identify the most appropriate way to pursue compensation for you. We may negotiate a settlement, secure compensation through insurance, or win a judgment in a trial setting.

Keeping You Updated About Your Case

We respect your privacy and need to recover in peace. However, our car crash lawyers will inform you of all important case updates. You can reach your attorney at any time if you have concerns or questions.

Defending Your Rights

You may hire our firm to protect yourself from insurance companies and other attorneys. Your Hoffman Estates lawyer will deal directly with these parties, allowing them to speak with you only when necessary. 

A car accident lawyer from The Kryder Law Group, LLC will lead your case in Hoffman Estates. 

What Coverages Can You Receive After a Hoffman Estates Car Accident?

Each car accident in Hoffman Estates produces losses that are unique in:

  • The victims that they affect
  • Their type
  • Their severity
  • Their monetary cost

A lawyer from our team will identify all of your losses. The damages you could collect for a car accident include:

Professional Damages

Covered professional damages from your car accident in Hoffman Estates may include:

  • Lost wages
  • Diminished productivity 
  • Diminished earning power
  • Lost promotion opportunities
  • Lost job opportunities 
  • Lost retirement benefits

Your recovery may pay for any other types of professional harm that you suffer.

Property Damage

You may receive compensation for damage to your vehicle and any property within your vehicle. Liable parties may also replace bicycles, spare tires, accessory racks, and other valuables that were fastened to the outside of your vehicle. 

Pain and Suffering

Pain and suffering are recoverable damages. These damages may include emotional and psychological trauma, physical pain, lost physical and cognitive abilities, and diminished quality of life. Treatment for such trauma may also entitle you to compensation.

Healthcare Expenses

The cost of medical care for your injuries will be a central focus of your case. Every cost to diagnose and treat your injuries may entitle you to compensation. All forms of rehabilitation, as well as transportation to medical appointments, may also warrant coverage.

We will discuss covered losses in the case of a loved one’s wrongful death.

What You Pay to Hire the Kryder Law Group, LLC for Your Car Accident Case

There is no direct cost to hire the Kryder Law Group, LLC. We retain clients on a contingency-fee basis. Our contingency fee will come from a settlement or judgment we win for you. You pay nothing out of your own pocket for us to represent you.

Here is the important part: if our personal injury attorneys do not win your case, we do not receive a fee. The Kryder Law Group, LLC will fight for the compensation you deserve.

Call a Hoffman Estates Car Accident Attorney for a Free Consultation

The consultation is FREE. During your call, a team member will answer all of your questions. Our Hoffman Estates car accidetn lawyers can provide information specific to our firm, the benefits of hiring our lawyers’ services, and your car accident case.

Keep statutes of limitations in mind. Do not wait to reach out. Call the Kryder Law Group, LLC today for your free case review.

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