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If you have been seriously injured at work in Mount Prospect, we can help. The workers comp lawyers at The Kryder Law Group, LLC Accident and Injury Lawyers offer legal help to seriously injured accident victims in Mount Prospect and throughout Illinois. Contact our law firm today to speak to a Mount Prospect workers’ compensation lawyer about your workplace accident.

What Workers’ Compensation Benefits Can I Get in Mount Prospect?

What Are Illinois Workers’ Compensation Benefits?

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Per the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act (820 ILCS 305, et al.), workers’ compensation benefits are designed to provide financial support and medical care for employees who have been injured on the job. Covered individuals may receive medical expenses coverage, lost wage replacement, disability benefits, and vocational rehabilitation services to facilitate a return to work when possible.

What Is The Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission?

The Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission (IWCC) is a state agency that adjudicates workers’ comp claims, ensuring that injured workers receive the benefits they are entitled to by law.

Common Types of Workplace Accidents in Mount Prospect

Workplace accidents in Mount Prospect can vary, but frequently include slip and falls, machinery-related incidents, and repetitive motion injuries. These types of accidents can occur in various settings, from construction sites to office environments.

Some workplace accidents may include:

  • Slip and fall accidents
  • Machinery entanglements
  • Repetitive strain injuries
  • Vehicle-related collisions at work
  • Falling object injuries
  • Exposure to harmful substances

Common Injuries from Workplace Accidents

Common injuries from workplace accidents can range from minor to severe, potentially impacting an employee’s ability to work and their quality of life.

A workplace injury may include:

  • Sprains and strains
  • Back injuries
  • Fractures
  • Burns
  • Electrical shocks
  • Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs)
  • Hearing loss

What to Do After a Workplace Accident in Mount Prospect

Following a workplace accident in Mount Prospect, it is critical to act promptly. Seek medical attention for your injuries, file an accident report with your employer as soon as possible, and document everything related to the incident.

Additionally, consider consulting with a knowledgeable Mount Prospect workers’ compensation lawyer for guidance on securing the benefits you’re entitled to.

Do I Need a Lawyer for a Workers’ Comp Claim?

Yes. Navigating the complexities of a workers’ compensation claim can be challenging without legal representation. A lawyer helps ensure that your rights are protected when dealing with your employer and their insurance company and that you receive the maximum compensation to which you are entitled, especially in cases of severe injury or when claims are disputed. They also make sure that you receive your benefits in a timely manner and without interruption so you can focus on recovering from your workplace injuries.

Holding Negligent Third-Parties Accountable

In some workplace incidents, a third-party’s negligence may contribute to the injury. When this occurs, it may be possible to pursue additional legal action beyond workers’ compensation claims. This can provide comprehensive redress, including compensation for pain, suffering, and other damages not covered by workers’ comp.

It’s important to understand that a third-party lawsuit can only be brought against a negligent party that is NOT your employer especially if you’re already set to receive workers’ compensation benefits.

What Is My Case Worth?

The value of a workers’ compensation case can vary greatly, depending on factors such as the severity of the injury, accumulated medical costs, and the impact on future earning capacity. An experienced workers’ compensation attorney knowledgeable in workers’ compensation laws can help assess the potential worth of your claim.

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