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If you are living with the consequences of a fall, the owner of the property where the accident occurred might be responsible for your injuries. A civil lawsuit against the owner or operator could recover compensation for your injuries.

While litigation might be your best option, our proactive injury attorneys can help you from the very start by filing an insurance claim. In most cases, property owners have insurance companies and their legal teams to back them up. An Orland Park slip and fall injury lawyer can take the weight of the legal process off of your shoulders.

Recoverable Damages From Fall Accidents

When you suffer injuries in a fall, there are different forms of compensation you might be entitled to recover. These damages cover everything from your financial losses to your physical pain. Some examples include:

  • Medical bills: You could recoup the cost of your hospitalization, surgical procedures, prescription drugs, and more.
  • Pain and suffering: Your physical pain and emotional anguish may qualify you for non-economic damages.
  • Lost wages: If you miss time away from work due to your injuries, you could replace the value of those lost wages.
  • Diminished earning capacity: If your lifetime earning power is reduced permanently due to your injuries, you could also recover damages to make up for those losses. You may also qualify for compensation if you return to work but cannot perform the same duties and make the same amount of money.

How You Can Expect Your Slip and Fall Case to Proceed

When you work with The Kryder Law Group, LLC, our team of attorneys will serve as your advocate every step of the way, focusing on obtaining a fair outcome. While every case is different, there are several things you can expect from our team as soon as we begin working.

We will Thoroughly Investigate Your Case

Before your slip and fall injury case can proceed, an Orland Park slip and fall attorney could thoroughly investigate every aspect of your accident. This typically starts with identifying who was at fault. Falls can happen in many different ways, and a determination of fault could result in different parties being liable.

In addition to liability, our investigation will also focus on the damages you deserve. If your injuries are severe, you could require extensive compensation to make you whole. We may call upon the help of expert witnesses and your doctors to discover what happened and how much your case is worth.

We Can Negotiate a Settlement

It is not unusual for a slip and fall case to be resolved through a negotiated settlement. When a settlement occurs, you can receive compensation without having to go through a lengthy trial.

While a settlement is ideal, an initial offer from an insurance company is not always fair. Insurers may offer quick, lowball settlements in the hope that injury victims will settle their claims before they have time to understand the full extent of their losses. This approach can lead an injured party to settle for a fraction of what their case is actually worth.

A trip and fall lawyer in Orland Park can negotiate on your behalf and prevent you from accepting inadequate settlement offers. They can talk to your doctors to get an idea of how your injuries will affect you long-term and seek a settlement that accounts for your future losses.

We will Pursue Litigation

A lawsuit is a last resort for a slip and fall injury case. Before filing a suit and taking a case to trial, our attorneys work tirelessly to resolve the case through a mutual settlement. When settlement is not possible, we will pursue legal action against the negligent property owner on your behalf.

You can rely on our team of slip and fall injury attorneys in Orland Park to carry the weight of a lawsuit and make the process as simple for you as possible. Sometimes, filing a suit serves as a motivator that pushes the insurance company to make a fair settlement offer.

Negligence Can Lead to Fall Injuries

While some accidents are unavoidable, other slips and falls prove preventable. Sometimes, the failure of a property owner to address a hazard causes or contributes to a fall.

We will begin by determining if negligence played a role in your fall and who is at fault. Slip and fall injury claims are governed by 749 ILCS 130. Unlike other jurisdictions that differentiate between the types of visitors that enter a property, Illinois holds property owners liable for anyone they invite. This invitation could be expressed, or it could be implied, such as with businesses and their potential customers.

Examples of Negligence in Premises Liability Cases

These cases generally come down to whether or not the property owner acted reasonably in responding to the hazard that caused a fall. In some situations, the amount of time the property owner takes to address a hazard will determine whether they acted reasonably.

For example, a grocery store owner that allows a spilled drink to remain on the floor for hours is more likely to face liability than one who cleans it up within moments. Some of the ways negligence could result in a fall include:

  • Broken stairs or banisters
  • Dim or inadequate lighting
  • Loose cords
  • Bunched carpet
  • Spilled food or drinks
  • Unmarked wet floors
  • Accumulated ice on a sidewalk
  • Uneven flooring
  • Potholes

A tripping and falling accident lawyer in Orland Park could evaluate a fall resulting from these incidents or other hazards and advise you on the strength of your personal injury case.

An Orland Park Slip and Fall Injury Attorney Can Help

Slip and fall accidents can be traumatic events that stay with you forever. Unfortunately, the injuries that come with these falls can lead to a lifetime of difficulty. Even when injuries heal, the emotional and financial harm can linger.

If you are considering a personal injury lawsuit after a fall, the team at The Kryder Law Group, LLC is ready to help. An experienced Orland Park slip and fall injury lawyer understands what it takes to seek fair financial compensation after a fall. To get started on your case and see how our committed team can help, call us. We can offer you a free consultation.

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