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While many kinds of injuries can impact your life, burn injuries can be among the hardest to recover from. Burns are extremely painful and can leave permanent, disfiguring markers on your body. In addition, the emotional trauma faced by burn survivors is often overwhelming.

When you or your loved one suffer severe burns, you might be eligible to receive financial compensation in a personal injury claim. A knowledgeable Palatine burn injury lawyer from The Kryder Law Group could help answer your legal questions during an initial consultation. Then, our diligent catastrophic injury attorneys could investigate your accident to see if you have valid grounds to pursue civil action.

Various Types of Burns Seen in the Palatine Area

Although the first thing that comes to most people’s minds when they think of burns is fire, burn injuries can occur in many different ways.

Thermal Burns

A thermal burn occurs when a person’s skin makes contact with a heated object, causing the temperature of their skin and tissues to rise. External heat sources—such as flames, boiling liquids, steam, hot oil, and hot metal and surfaces—can cause thermal burns. Fires cause most thermal burns for adults, while children typically suffer thermal burns from scalding.

Radiation Burns

Radiation burns happen from excessive exposure to radiation sources, such as the sun’s ultraviolet rays, x-rays, or radiotherapy. Taking some medications can raise the risk of suffering severe radiation burns. Radiation burns can cause trauma to the skin and internal organs.

Chemical Burns

Chemical burns develop when a person’s skin or eyes come into contact with irritants like acids, solvents, and alkalies. Cleaning products such as detergents, bleach, ammonia, or other solvents can cause chemical burns. Chemical burns can damage a person’s skin, respiratory system, and other organs.

Electrical Burns

Electrical burns occur when an electrical current passes through a person’s body. They frequently occur when an individual comes into contact with electrical sources, such as lightning, downed power lines, and defective electrical appliances. These burns can damage a person’s skin, muscles, and tissues.

Whenever someone suffers a burn, they should immediately visit a doctor for medical evaluation and treatment. They should also consult a skilled Palatine burn injury attorney to discuss their legal options.

Frequent Causes of Burns in Palatine

Burn injuries can occur in many different ways, such as the following:

  • Automobile accidents
  • Cooking mishaps
  • Defective products
  • Misuse of products
  • Heating or electrical malfunctioning
  • Residential or commercial building fires

A large number of burn injuries occur from preventable actions because of negligence. For instance, a smoker who carelessly discards a cigarette inside their apartment could start a residential fire. A careless motorist who texts while driving could cause a car crash that results in a burning car. A babysitter who leaves their hot coffee on an end table within reach of a toddler could be responsible for the baby’s scalds. A property owner could be liable for failing to inspect their property and address potential fire hazards regularly. Finally, a manufacturer of a defective product that malfunctions and bursts into flames could be responsible for an injured consumer’s burns.

Our dedicated injury lawyers in Palatine could investigate the accident that led to your burn damage to gather evidence proving another party’s fault.

A Palatine Burn Injury Attorney Could Help You File a Legal Claim

Burns can affect you more than just physically. They can take an immense toll on your emotions and mental well-being. In addition, they can cause you to experience financial difficulties as you struggle to pay your medical bills and other expenses, particularly if your injury prevents you from working.

A Palatine burn injury lawyer from The Kryder Law Group might be able to help. Our compassionate attorneys understand what you are going through and can work tirelessly to fight for your rights. Talk to our legal team today to learn more about how a civil claim could help you improve your quality of life.

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