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A paralysis injury can have a dramatic and immediate effect on your life. The diagnosis can be physically, emotionally, and financially devastating. Without the ability to control your body’s movements, you will lose some of your independence and have to rely on others to care for you and provide you with the things you need. The injury will undoubtedly change your life and how you live it, but it does not have to define it.

A compassionate Palatine paralysis injury lawyer at The Kryder Law Group might be able to help you restore hope for your future. Allow our dedicated catastrophic injury attorneys to file a lawsuit seeking compensation against the parties responsible for causing you harm.

Common Causes of Paralysis

Most cases of paralysis happen because of spinal cord injuries. When a person suffers trauma to the spinal cord, the damaged nerves can have difficulty processing messages from the brain telling the various body parts how to move.

Some of the most common incidents that cause paralysis include:

Many spinal injuries resulting in paralysis occur due to preventable accidents or incidents. If people act reasonably and responsibly, many paralysis injuries could be avoided. For example, if a drunk driver chose to stay home instead of getting behind the wheel of their car, the injured occupant of the vehicle they struck could have avoided their paralysis injury. Similarly, if the owner of the home with a corroded back staircase had maintained their property, a person would not have suffered a paralysis injury from falling down the faulty stairs.

A skilled Palatine attorney could meet with a paralysis injury survivor to learn more about their injury, uncover how and why it happened, and determine who could be legally responsible.

The Various Types of Paralysis

Paralysis injuries can vary widely in severity, location, and duration. A person may suffer a complete spinal cord injury, which causes them to lose all feeling and motor control below the injured part of their body. Someone else may suffer an incomplete spinal injury, which leaves them with some sensations and some ability to move below the affected area. People who sustain incomplete spinal injuries often benefit greatly from physical therapy and rehabilitation and might be able to regain additional motor control and sensation.

The area of the spine where the trauma occurs typically determines the extent of a person’s paralysis.


Paraplegia occurs when a person suffers trauma to their lower spine. A person with paraplegia can use their arms and upper torso but cannot move their legs.


Quadriplegia happens when a person suffers damage to their upper spine. People with quadriplegia cannot move either of their arms or legs and might also have difficulty breathing.

In addition to losing control of their limbs, people with paraplegia and quadriplegia also often experience problems with bowel, bladder, and sexual functioning. As a result, they might need medical care, home modifications, and assistance with their everyday activities.

Our proactive paralysis injury lawyers in Palatine could demand a comprehensive damages award that covers all your losses.

Work With a Palatine Paralysis Injury Attorney

A paralysis diagnosis changes your life. Unfortunately, you might never regain the full functioning of your body, and you might need to rely on other people for help. However, with help from a Palatine paralysis injury lawyer, you could start rebuilding your life.

Our committed legal team could help you evaluate your current and future needs and then fight to get you a full recovery for what you have lost. Call The Kryder Law Group today to speak with a capable legal professional about your situation.

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