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Burns are among the most devastating and debilitating types of injuries. They frequently result in physical disabilities and can cause permanent and deep physical and emotional scars.

If another person or entity did something to cause your burn, you deserve accountability. Unfortunately, fighting for justice is not always simple. People with competing interests could fight to deny you the settlement you deserve, which is why working with an experienced Rosemont burn injury lawyer is critical. A seasoned catastrophic injury attorney at The Kryder Law Group could fight determinedly to get you the compensation you deserve in a personal injury lawsuit.

Different Sources of Burn Injuries in Rosemont

Although most people think of flames from a fire when they think of burns, there can be multiple sources of burn injuries, including the following:

  • Steam burns
  • Contact burns from touching hot surfaces
  • Scalding liquid, such as from spilling boiling water
  • Chemical burns from toxic substances, such as harsh household cleaners
  • Radiation burns from sunlight, artificial tanning beds, or medical malpractice
  • Friction burns or road rash after falling onto the pavement in a bike accident
  • Direct exposure to flames, such as in a residence fire or when a person is trapped in a burning car after an automobile collision

Different types of burns can result in varying degrees of burn damage. A well-practiced Rosemont burn injury attorney could meet with you to learn more about the incident’s impact on your life and help you fight for a fair settlement.

How Someone Else’s Actions Could Lead to Your Burn Injury in Rosemont

Many different types of negligent or reckless behaviors could lead to a person suffering a severe burn injury.

Premises Liability Accidents

Homeowners and business owners must maintain their premises to be reasonably safe for people who legally visit. When a person suffers a burn while visiting someone else’s property, the owner might be liable.

Motor Vehicle Crashes

Burn injuries frequently occur as a result of automobile wrecks. Irresponsible drivers could cause a crash that results in a vehicle fire. Common reckless driving behaviors include distracted driving, impaired driving, speeding, or falling asleep behind the wheel.

Product Errors

Manufacturers must create and produce products that are reasonably safe for consumers. Manufacturing mistakes—such as a faulty car engine that misfires or defective brakes that cause one car to hit another—could be examples of product errors that lead to burn injuries. A toaster that sparks a fire every time it is on its highest setting is another example, as are products that explode.

Construction Site Accidents

Employers and property owners where construction occurs need to adhere to strict safety rules. When they fail to follow safety guidelines, construction workers or bystanders could suffer burn injuries from electrocutions, site fires, or toxic chemical or fume exposure.

Our proactive lawyers in Rosemont have extensive experience investigating accidents resulting in burn injuries. They know how to carefully and skillfully comb through available evidence to pinpoint the precise cause of the injury and identify the responsible parties.

Contact a Rosemont Burn Injury Attorney Now

Burns cause immense pain and can leave behind lasting disfiguring reminders. They can also affect your ability to move freely and participate in daily activities. Paying for your ongoing medical care can exceed your insurance coverage and result in many out-of-pocket expenses that can continue for many years. When someone else’s careless conduct causes your burn injury, you should not have to shoulder the costs alone.

Contact a Rosemont burn injury lawyer at The Kryder Law Group to learn how to fight for fair treatment.

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