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Demolition includes all of the hazards present in construction jobs. On top of that, demolition projects can be unpredictable. Even experienced demolition workers may not be able to predict how a building will fall. Debris can fly everywhere. Plus, the building may contain hazardous materials. No wonder there are so many workplace injuries during demolition work.

Employers should establish safety procedures at every demolition site to minimize these risks. They need to reflect the industry standards. Failure to follow those procedures can support a negligence claim. However, you do not have to prove negligence if workers’ compensation insurance covers you. A Rosemont demolition accident lawyer at The Kryder Law Group could help you explore your legal options for financial recovery following this traumatic incident. Call now to speak with a dedicated construction site injury attorney at our firm.

Preventing Demolition Accidents

Demolition involves tearing down any pre-existing structures. The jobs range from minuscule to huge, and the associated risks are similar. That is why following workplace safety guidelines during any demolition project is essential.

The most important part of the project happens before demolition begins. Proper planning helps ensure that the project runs safely. That includes determining how to take the building down, where to strike first, and whether the building has any features that can complicate the project.

All of the workers should have the proper training for the job, as well. They must know how to do their job and the necessary safety rules. If an employee fails to follow safety rules, the employer is responsible for that failure. The employer may even be accountable if independent contractors or employees are negligent.

Our well-practiced Rosemont demolition accident attorneys are familiar with the safety requirements of a demolition site. They could assess whether your employer or the project manager implemented all the precautions to keep the project safe.

Filing for Workers’ Compensation

Demolition can be dangerous, even when everyone follows all the necessary safety precautions. So, you could be hurt even if no one is negligent. Fortunately, workers’ compensation insurance protects employees who are injured while at work.

Workers’ comp is a no-fault insurance program that protects workers and employers. It protects workers by covering their workplace injuries without requiring them to prove negligence. It protects employees by limiting recovery, such as not allowing workers to recover for pain and suffering. Accepting workers’ comp payments also prevents employees from filing a personal injury case against the employer.

One of the most significant issues with workers’ compensation is that people must follow specific steps and procedures to file a claim. Failing to comply with those steps can put your claim in jeopardy. Insurers can deny a claim, and some insurers routinely deny valid claims. A proactive demolition accident lawyer in Rosemont could help you file your workers’ compensation claim or pursue appeals or lawsuits.

Illnesses from Demolition Accidents

Not all demolition injuries show up immediately. Some result from exposure to toxic or dangerous substances or chemicals in the building. Damages from that exposure can take years to appear.

One of the riskiest construction materials is asbestos. Builders commonly used it in building projects in the early part of the 20th century. While no longer in use, it is many older buildings. That means that workers may face asbestos exposure during demolition projects.

A seasoned Rosemont lawyer who handles demolition accidents could provide information on toxic torts and workplace chemical exposure. This exposure may offer additional routes to recovery. In addition, the statute of limitations may not start running until you begin to show symptoms.

Speak With a Demolition Accident Attorney in Rosemont Today

Demolition can lead to severe illnesses and injuries. Workers may be able to recover for them in a few ways. The most common avenue for recovery is workers’ compensation; however, workers’ comp may not be enough to cover your injuries. You may have a claim against third parties such as manufacturers or contractors. To learn more about potential legal claims, contact a Rosemont demolition accident lawyer at The Kryder Law Group.

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