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Construction sites provide many opportunities for people to suffer various injuries. They often have debris, liquids, construction equipment, and more scattered around the site. That leads to an elevated risk of slips and falls. Depending on the cause of the slip and fall, you may be able to recover beyond workers’ compensation benefits.

It is vital to examine the cause of the accident. Suppose a third party—manufacturer, contractor, subcontractor, or property owner—contributed to the accident. In that case, you might bring a claim against them. An attorney with experience handling Rosemont construction site slip and fall accidents could investigate the events and advise you about potential claims. Our knowledgeable construction accident attorneys at The Kryder Law Group could help you decide whether to pursue a workers’ comp claim, file a civil lawsuit, or both.

Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ compensation coverage generally includes construction site accidents for employees who are injured on-site. In those instances, you do not have to establish negligence. You must demonstrate that you received the injury while at work. Not every worker on a job site qualifies as an employee, though; if you are an independent contractor, it might not cover you. You may need to file a personal injury claim and prove negligence in those instances.

Making a claim is often easier when workers’ compensation is involved. It can reimburse you for medical expenses, lost wages, and loss of earning capacity. However, that ease comes at a cost—under workers’ compensation, you cannot recover for pain and suffering or other non-economic damages. That is why weighing the pros and cons of accepting a workers’ compensation payment after a construction site slip and fall accident in Rosemont is crucial.

Premises Liability

Another potential avenue for recovery is a premises liability claim. Under Illinois law, a property owner must keep the property safe for people legally on the property. In inhabited properties, the duty is generally to detect and repair dangers. In a construction property, the owner must warn people about known dangers.

Generally, premises liability covers slip and fall claims. However, people expect construction sites to have hazards. So, to recover from a slip and fall injury at a construction site, you must show that the property owner failed to exercise reasonable care for a construction site.

To prove those cases, you must be able to establish a defect, which is why it is critical to preserve evidence. If possible, you want to take pictures of the property as soon as possible after an accident. Unfortunately, in a severe accident, you may be unable to get that documentation before the property owner can correct it. An attorney’s job is to gather that evidence when preparing for a slip and fall accident case at a Rosemont construction site.

Third-Party Claims

Another potential avenue for recovery is a third-party claim. The employer may not be the only person responsible for construction site conditions. Property owners, contractors, and sub-contractors can all influence the conditions at the site. If they create the hazard, they may be liable for the injuries.

Tracing responsibility can be complex, especially when recovering from an injury. One responsibility of a lawyer who handles slip and fall accidents at Rosemont construction sites is to investigate who created the hazards. In some cases, multiple parties may have contributed to the conditions.

Learn More About Construction Site Slip and Fall Accidents in Rosemont

Slip and fall accidents at construction sites can be life-threatening. About one-third of construction site fatalities are due to falls. They also lead to thousands of workplace injuries each year. It is no wonder that construction workers are at a higher risk of workplace slip and fall injuries than other workers.

Lawyers who handle Rosemont construction site slip and fall accidents could help you understand your rights after suffering an injury. Schedule a consultation with a seasoned legal professional at The Kryder Law Group to learn more.

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